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Salon Prive, the UK’s premier supercar event is in full flow and lovers of all things fast and racy are in for a treat at this year’s show. Now in it’s 8th consecutive year, even more has been planned for this exclusive London motoring event and Romans International will once again be showcasing some of it’s finest stock.

Luxury Car enthusiasts from across the globe will be heading for London between 4th-6th September to Syon Park, an elegant and stately setting that reflects the standard of the supercars and classic cars that are gracing its lawns. The most exciting new addition to Salon Prive is the brand new Hyper Car Collection. Hyper car is the exclusive term given to the highest performing supercars so we can expect to see some serious bhp on offer!

The featured cars for the Hyper Collection include the following.

McLaren P1

Although the McLaren P1 will be the only car representing British hyper car efforts at Salon Prive this plug-in hybrid vehicle has plenry to stand up to it’s international rivals. Only 375 units will be constructed and is the spiritual successor the iconic F1 which helps dictate it’s price of £866,000. The 3.8L V8 engine produces a top speed of 230mph and with 903bhp it’s hybrid credentials see the car produce zero emissions for 12 miles before the petrol engine kicks in.

Pagani Huayra

The latest car from Pagani is sure to impress with it’s 6-litre V12 AMG engine that packs a punch with 720bhp, 740lb of torque, 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 230mph. The Huayra has been universally praised as one of the best supercars on the market and the lucky few that can afford the £850,000 price tag are the envy of cars enthusiasts around the world.

Exagon Furtive eGT

The Furtive eGT is a prime example of how an electric car needn’t be dismissed as a slow and unsexy vehicle; with a top speed of 155mph, 402 horsepower and its capability of reaching 62mph in 3.5 seconds, eco-warriors can also drive fast. With just one charge of its lithium-ion battery, the Furtive eGT can provide 223 miles of urban driving. At around £400,000 it is a bargain in comparison to its petrol-powered counterparts.

Gumpert Apollo

This visually distinctive car is described by Salon Privé as “the perfect synthesis of road vehicle and track car” and a vehicle that really delivers “driving pleasure”. The Apollo’s top speed of 224 mph and its ability to reach 62mph in 3 seconds have earned the car its place in the Hyper Car Collection.

Koneigsegg Agera R

The Swedish giant’s finest production car was formerly a holder of the world land speed record and has a top speed of 260mph. Its great use of carbon-fibre and its 5-litre V8 engine has meant that the Agera R takes just 3.1 seconds to reach 62mph and costs over £1million to buy.

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