Make Overview

From traversing the inhospitable ice plains of Antarctica to surviving jungle expeditions, Land Rover SUV’s have become the symbol of what a car is capable of – conquering the harshest environments and living to tell the tale.  

Whether you are looking for a hardcore off-road Defender or the latest luxury Range Rover, the brand is respected as a true British icon, loved by farmers, footballers, and royalty alike.  

Founded in 1948, the brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of engineering to create the most versatile and reliable SUVs on the market, enabling them to become the first vehicle to cross the Darien Gap in 1972 – a gruelling 99-day trek as part of the Trans-America expedition where a pair of new Range Rover’s took on the 18,000-mile journey from Alaska to Argentina.  

Land Rover prides itself on its commitment to sustainability, with a focus on reducing the environmental impact of its operations and products. The recent shift towards electric and hybrid engines ushered in the new era of Land Rover, looking towards a sustainable future for the brand.