Make Overview

Founded in 1903 by the legendary Henry Ford, the Ford Motor Company revolutionised the way cars were produced and marketed, finally making cars accessible to the masses and causing an unprecedented economic shift. The implementation of the factory assembly line, as well the better treatment of workers with the standardisation of the 5-day work week, allowed the Model T to be built in just 1 and a half hours, compared to the previous time of 12 and a half hours. Over 1 million cars could be produced per year by 1920, making it the first mass produced car.

Since the Model T, Ford has gone from strength to strength producing some of the world's most iconic performance cars such as the Mustang and Ford GT, as well as being a leader in consumer vehicles. Ford is also one of only three American constructors to win titles in an FIA World Championship event, taking home victories in sportscar, rallying, and Formula One championships. Ford famously competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the iconic Ford GT40, winning four times in the 1960’s, and is still the only American car to win the event to this day.

The Ford GT road car, released in 2005, harkens back to the GT40 race car, with a second generation of the car being released in 2017 with updated styling and performance to bring the 1960’s racer into the modern era. The Ford GT is instantly recognisable and highly sought after, and represents the pinnacle of Ford motoring, over 100 years since the inception of Model T.