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Porsche first revealed it was planning to build a replacement for the Carrera GT back in 2010 but it is not until now it has released official details and pictures of the hybrid supercar. Named as the 918 Spyder Porsche have finally lifted the lid on the juicy details that Porsche dealers and fans have been waiting in anticipation for.

Porsche have confirmed they will start production of the supercar in September 2013 with first deliveries scheduled for early 2014. It’s plug-in hybrid drivetrain will boast 760bhp and performance figures are said to estimate a 0-62 of under 3 seconds, a top speed in excess of 200mph and a lap time around the Nurburgring of 10 seconds quicker than the Carrera GT!

A 4.6L V8 mid-mounted engine is powered by 2 electric motors, one at the front axle with the other between the engine and the 7-speed PDK transmission. For all this expect to get 94mpg and just 70g/km of CO2 and with an added ability to cover short distances on electric power alone. Porsche really have gone to great lenghts to ensure it’s a green machine but still with unbelievable performance.

4 wheel drive but with the option of adaptive rear-wheel steering and adaptive aerodynamics, the car even features a few styling acknowledgments to the historical 917 racing cars.

It’s been a good 7 or 8 years since the supercar world exploded with the Carrera GT, Enzo and the Bugatti Veyron but the 918 Spyder is the start of the new generation and you can be assured that Romans will be one of the first Porsche dealers to offer the 918 Spyder for sale so please contact us if you are interested in this car or any other used luxury cars.

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