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With the new Range Rover landing on our shores to massive hype and acclaim it was predicted that the new Range Rover Sport would follow and it has. But more interestingly Range Rover have supposedly announced plans to go into a different market altogether with a ‘Shooting Brake’ estate car. How far will Range Rover go, will Range Rover make a supercar in the future?

Speculation is something that a lot of us love to do and rumours will always circulate but many have been surprised that according to Pistonheads there will be a non-SUV Range Rover in the not too distant future. With the first Range Rover launched back in 1970 they have never veered away from the 4×4 market and are widely seen as the number 1 when it comes down to the best SUV on the market.

The new Range Rover Sport has just been announced as a 2014 model with an all-aluminium chassis borrowing ideas from the new Range Rover and the Evoque before it to create the most dynamic Range Rover yet. The biggest change is the decision not to use the rotary transmission and instead will use an electronic stick with paddle shifts behind the steering wheel.

This could be a similar set-up for the potential estate car and who knows what after that. With Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley & Maserati moving into the 4×4 market it could be a very smart move for Land Rover who will bring a huge customer base with it. Some traditionalists will be against it but brands have to evolve and none have been more successful than Land Rover over the last couple of years and they might just become a major player rivalling the likes of Ferrari and Aston Martin in the years to come.

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