21 Most Anticipated Cars of 2021

  • 21 Most Anticipated Cars of 2021

Many of us will be celebrating the fact that 2020 is over and to help kickstart the new year we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be the 21 most anticipated cars of 2021.


#21 – Hennessey Venom F5
The American tuners turned automakers are back at it again making insanely fast hypercars. After its previous offering the Venom GT controversially broke the Bugatti Veyron Supersport top speed record only to have the record taken away due to a technicality. John Hennessey and his team will be hoping this time around they can snatch it away from the new record holder SSC Tuatara. It’s already claiming a top speed of 311mph which would be nothing short of spectacular if they can make it official.


#20 – BMW M4
If social media is anything to go by then the reaction to the new front grille of BMW’S latest M4 has been overwhelmingly negative. Perhaps it’s a grower, BMW will be certainly hoping so, either way it will be very interesting to see how it performs in the market. There is little doubt that it will be a fantastic car to drive with plenty of enhancements over the previous generation M4 but it’s hard to see past that grille.


#19 – Lambroghini Huracan STO
Lamborghini don’t currently seem to have an awful lot planned for 2021 as the much anticipated hybrid Aventador replacement appears to be stuck in development. In the meantime they have announced the most track focused version of the Huracan yet called the STO. It is only available in rear wheel drive form and is typically extreme looking. Although it’s road-legal we think this is very much a car best left to the track.


#18 – New Mercedes S-class
It is always worth stopping and taking note every time there is a new generation of the Mercedes S-class, as Mercedes tend to showcase all their latest state of the art technology in the S-Class, which has long been considered their flagship model. This year will be no different as this ultra luxurious cruiser will be vying for the top spot in the executive saloon market, with AMG and Maybach versions sure to follow for extra exclusivity.


#17 – New Range Rover
With so many new rivals in the luxury SUV market Land Rover will be hoping they can remind everyone what is the original and best SUV with its all new 5th generation of the Range Rover. Be prepared for more electric models, new styling, rear wheel steering and a much lighter chassis. We look forward to its full reveal in 2021.


#16 – Audi e-tron GT
Whilst the e-tron has already made some waves into the EV market as an SUV, Audi will be aiming to take a slice out of the Porsche Taycan market with its first all electric saloon the e-tron GT. The Taycan outsold both the 911 and Panamera in 2020 and Audi will be hoping that the popularity of its e-tron GT concept car (which appeared in the movie Avengers: End Game) will translate into sales, it certainly looks the part.


#15 – Ferrari Roma
Named in honour of Italy’s capital city, Ferrari will have high hopes for the new Roma and with deliveries in the UK set to start in early 2021, it shouldn’t be long before we see one in the Romans showroom. Whilst it’s no doubt a pretty car and has impressive performance stats, it is perhaps hard to see exactly where it fits into Ferrari’s ever expanding model range, so it will be very interesting to see how they perform on the market.


#14 – Lamborghini Sián FKP 37
Every now and then Lamborghini bring out something incredibly expensive and flamboyant, built in very limited numbers and this year it is the turn of the Sián. Importantly it is the first ever hybrid Lamborghini and it’s the car which is going to set the template for the new Aventador and eventually the new Huracán. The Sián is their most powerful road car ever and with only 63 examples built worldwide (as well as 19 roadsters) and a price tag of around £3m this is certainly not one for the masses.


#13 – Pagani Huayra Tricolore
With only 3 cars set to be built worldwide costing in the region of £5m each, the likelihood of anyone even having the chance to buy one of these is quite clearly minimal at best.  Any new version of a Pagani is always worth getting excited about though, such is the magnificence of it’s design and engineering. The Tricolore name was famously used on the Zonda and we’re pleased to see it back here, although this time around it will only be for the Roadster variant of the Huayra.


#12 – Porsche Cayman GT4 RS
If there is any Porsche which was deserving of having the RS moniker added to it’s roster then it is the Cayman GT4. Already a fantastic track car we can expect Porsche to up the ante with regards to aero, power and weight reduction and like all RS models today will be equipped with their PDK gearbox. The Cayman GT4 RS is going to be one truly special track car and we can’t wait to get our hands on one.


#11 – McLaren Artura
McLaren finally enter the mainstream hybrid market with it’s latest model called the Artura. Essentially a replacement for the 570S, McLaren are ushering in a new electrified era following in the footsteps of 2020’s Speedtail but now ditching it’s V8 in favour of a hybrid V6. McLaren are also focusing on some impressive weight saving technologies to ensure the Artura will be the best and fastest car in its class.


#10 – Land Rover Defender SVR
Whilst it still gets a slightly mixed reaction from the old school Defender fans, there is no denying the new Defender has been a huge success for Land Rover with countless awards won and massive sales bringing the Defender to a new demographic in the process. It was inevitable that a V8 version was going to be added to the line up and we should see the Defender SVR becoming the ultimate performance version of the new-look Defender and we think that we’re going to have one very hot car on our hands.


#9 – Maserati MC20
Finally there is a Maserati to get excited about again. The GranTurismo had got very long in the tooth and neither the Ghibli or Levante were particularly able to get our pulses racing, but this is all set to change with the launch of this brand new model the MC20. In some ways it is Maserati’s first ever supercar, not counting the ultra rare MC12, which is more of a hyper race car, but it is that car which the name stems from and Maserati will be aiming to compete with all the major supercar players when first deliveries start later this year.


#8 – Porsche 992 GTS
Despite being outsold by the Taycan the 911 is still by far Porsche’s most iconic model and the 992 Series has gone down a storm so far. 2021 should see the launch of the GTS variants which often prove to be more popular than the regular Carrera and Carrera S models. With a more driver focused set up and all-new GTS styling and performance upgrades this is a model we are very excited about and with a rear wheel drive, four wheel drive and a Targa variant to look forward to we should see plenty through the doors at Romans.


#7 – Koenigsegg Gemera
Who would have thought we would see the day of having a ‘family friendly’ Koenigsegg but the Gemera is filling that market segment with a 4-seater spacious and practical “Mega GT”.  Don’t expect the egg-makers to sacrifice any performance though with it’s plug-in hybrid powertrain helping produce an astonishing 1700bhp and a balmy 0-62mph claimed in 1.9 seconds. A truly mind-blowing car.


#6 – McLaren 765LT
With the first deliveries just starting to trickle through the 765LT has a lot to live up to in 2021 as it looks to build on the success of the much-loved 675LT and the critically acclaimed 600LT. Whilst the plethora of new McLaren models continues to bamboozle us we are hoping the 765LT doesn’t get lost in the crowd and on first impressions we think McLaren might well have created another masterpiece.


#5 – Ferrari SF90 Spider
The SF90 Stradale was our number 1 in last year’s list and just as the first cars started being delivered Ferrari announced they would make a drop-top variant called the SF90 Spider which just takes this groundbreaking car to another level. Ferrari seem to have mastered the transition to hybrid technology and this futuristic new model offers hypercar performance at a fraction of the price, now with the added benefit of getting that open-air feeling.


#4 – Mercedes AMG One
Having featured this car on both last year’s list and 2019’s list, fingers crossed 2021 will finally be the year we will see the Mercedes AMG One on the road. With only 275 units worldwide and a price-tag over £2m the plug-in hybrid AMG One is one of the most sought after cars of the modern era and we have no doubt that it will be worth the wait.


#3 – Aston Martin Valkyrie
Another hypercar that we seem to have been waiting an absolute age for is the Aston Martin Valkyrie but it does feel like 2021 will be the year of the Valkyrie. With only 150 units worldwide and a £2.5m price tag to back up it’s claims of being the fastest and most advanced hypercar ever, the Aston Martin Valkyrie has the potential to rewrite the history books.


#2 – Mercedes AMG GT Black Series
Whilst the AMG One seems to be taking years after it’s reveal to come to market, the AMG GT Black Series has stolen a march on it and despite only being revealed a few months ago, it has not only just broken the new Nurburgring lap record time, but also the first batch of deliveries should be landing in showrooms early 2021. Mercedes have gone all out with this latest Black Series, with crazy styling and incredible performance but importantly maintaining the limited production exclusivity which makes the Black Series so special.


#1 – Porsche 992 GT3
For us there is no other car we are more excited for in 2021 than the new 992 GT3 and the recent teaser videos released have only whetted our appetite further. The GT3 has always been one of our best selling cars but there is something about this 992 version which we feel could go down as one of the all-time greats. Demand will of course outstrip supply and it will quickly become the car that almost every supercar owner will be trying to get their hands on in 2021.


Hopefully you enjoyed our countdown of the most anticipated cars of 2021 and we look forward to selling a fair few of them this year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year from the entire Romans International Team