Revealing The Most Expensive Hypercar We Have Ever Bought!

  • Revealing The Most Expensive Hypercar We Have Ever Bought!

So today guys and girls we have got something truly special to show you, we believe it’s probably the most expensive car we have ever bought at Romans International and one of the most special cars we have ever had for sale. So, without further ado, the car in question is the Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta.

There are officially 210 LaFerrari Aperta’s, that’s less than half of the 499 LaFerrari Coupes they made. 200 of those cars were sold to VIP customers handpicked by Ferrari. A further 9 cars were built which Ferrari kept for themselves and will be used for events all over the world and will possibly see them in museums. Finally, there was one more car that was built specially for a charity auction. The proceeds went to Save The Children in Africa and Asia and sold for 8.3 Million Euros which is a world record for a brand-new car.

According to our sources, we believe there are 16 UK supplied cars and this is one of them. We also know that Gordon Ramsay has got a LaFerrari Aperta as he announced it on Top Gear. We also know that Lewis Hamilton has one in America, so they were lots of high-profile Ferrari collectors that weren’t chosen to have one. A few people have spoken out about their disappointment of not having one. We don’t know the Ferrari vetting process but what we do know is that these are extremely hard to get hold of. We believe this is the most exclusive model in the world right now that’s physically available.

When we got presented the opportunity to buy the car, we did everything we could to be able to purchase the car. We had been offered one before, but it was overseas, the other side of the world and they were quite a few middlemen involved and we ended up withdrawing our interest. Fortunately, this time around this was a UK based client, someone we have done plenty of business with in the past. We managed to agree a deal quickly and in the process bought the client’s 918 Spyder. Following this we got the cars collected and brought back to Romans on a transporter later that day. When a car like this arrives at Romans, all the staff get super excited, we all want to come and have a look at it and check out all the features. On that note, let’s take a closer look around our Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta.

There are only five different colours you can choose a LaFerrari Aperta in. You can get Rosso Corsa which is the famous Red, Nero Daytona which is the Black, Grigio Ferro which is the Grey and then there are two pearlescent colours. One is called Giallo Tristrato which is Yellow and then you have this paint on our LaFerrari Aperta which is called Bianco Italia. It’s a triple layer pearlescent White paint. If you had asked us before, this would not have been the colour we would have first chosen but having seen it in the flesh, it looks incredible. It’s worth mentioning that the charity car we mentioned previously was in Rosso Fuoco, a one-off paint just for that car so if you see any other paints on a LaFerrari Aperta, then they would have been repainted. They would not have been original factory paint.

One of the most distinctive features of the LaFerrari Aperta is the pinstripes. You will see the pinstripes which run from the front lower splitter, through the bonnet and all the way to the back surrounding the engine bay. This is the most obvious way of differentiating other than the roof between the coupe and the Aperta. There are a few different options you can get on a LaFerrari Aperta but by far the most important and the most expensive is this Carbon Fibre roof. It’s a removable hardtop made from one piece of Carbon Fibre which is different to the two pieces of the Porsche 918 Spyder and Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadsters. To remove the roof, it’s simply done with a couple of clicks and comes off straight away.

Once you have stowed away your Carbon Fibre roof, it is worth remembering that it is a £50,000 option so make sure you don’t leave it hanging around and keep it somewhere safe. You can also specify the colour of wheels. This client on our LaFerrari Aperta went for silver wheels with silver centre locks. Our Aperta also has got Carbon Fibre wheel caps which is a nice touch and Yellow brake calipers. Obviously, there are plenty of caliper colours to choose from, for example you can have black calipers, red calipers or whatever you prefer.

There are lots of other Carbon Fibre options you can get. This example comes with the whole windscreen frame in Carbon Fibre. The car also comes with Carbon Fibre side sills with white edging and the 70-year badge celebrating the anniversary 1947 to 2017; 70 years of Ferrari history. Another nice option to have is the Carbon Fibre wing mirrors. If you look closely, you will notice that these are angled differently than the coupe which is one of the changes they had to make on the Aperta. Another change compared to the coupe is the way the doors open. On the Aperta they open more like butterfly wings whereas on the coupe they come up a little bit higher and that will bring us nicely to the interior.

The interior on the LaFerrari Aperta is a very special place to be. Driving any LaFerrari is incredible but when you’ve got the roof off not only do you hear that V12 engine even louder, but just having the wind in your hair is a whole another level. The interior on this LaFerrari Aperta has been specced to perfection. It features leather and Alcantara, perforated Alcantara through the middle with the yellow underneath, you’ve got yellow pinstriping throughout and the yellow stitching. It is such a lovely interior to be in and the owner has done an amazing job. The car features Carbon Fibre everywhere, you have this oval shaped steering wheel and it’s just a mesmerizing place to be.

There are a lot of similarities to the coupe in how the seats are fixed to the chassis and the steering wheel and pedals that move back and forth to find your true driving position. There are a lot of nice features and options you get on the car as well, so you’ve got Suspension Lift which when you press the button, it raises and lowers the suspension. You’ll find lots of nice home comforts including Navigation, Bluetooth and Rear Camera. The options you can get which this car has is the Ferrari Telemetry. It allows you to monitor the vehicle’s position and analyse its performance by recording all your driving sessions and displaying the main data on the instrument cluster. It means you can upload on a USB stick, get a lot of data, all the tracks from around the world, record lap times, splits and get lots of information on the performance of the car.

This car has also got track inner cameras. So you have a camera just underneath the roof behind the passenger seat which is pointing into how you are driving so you can check on your driving techniques. You also have a camera behind the rear-view mirror which focuses on the road ahead. So if you really want to become a racing driver, these are great options to have and this is the ultimate car if you are brave enough to take it on track. There are plenty of other nice little touches that just remind you that you are in a very special car.

For example, the little Italian logo up on the dashboard and the 70th anniversary badge in between the seats are always reminding you that you’re in something truly special. They have also changed the aerodynamic flow. The flow is now coming around and under the car instead of straight over. The 6.3L naturally aspirated engine combines with the electric motor to produce a total of 950 bhp which is the same as the coupe meaning this is one of the fastest convertibles in the world. There you have it Ladies and Gentlemen, that is the LaFerrari Aperta, 1 of 210 worldwide and a unique opportunity to buy a UK supplied car.

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