23 Most Anticipated Cars Of 2023

  • 23 Most Anticipated Cars Of 2023

As we look back over a pretty exciting year for the automotive industry, we can’t help but start to get excited about what’s to come in 2023. Here’s our list of 23 cars that we’re most anticipating when they enter production next year.

#23 – New Maserati GranTurismo

The GranTurismo is back and following on from the success of its new MC20 supercar, Maserati are reviving one of it’s oldest models for a new generation. Maserati does away with the previous gen’s raucous V8 in favour of the twin turbo V6 “Nettuno” engine and for the very first time Maserati will also offer a fully electric version called the GranTurismo Folgore. With luxury, comfort and performance all high on the agenda it will be interesting to see whether Maserati can continue their comeback and set a new benchmark for the 4 seater coupe segment.

#22 – Mercedes-AMG C63 E

The V8 may now rest in peace for the C63 but Mercedes weren’t going to let one of their best-loved models disintegrate into history. Bringing the C63 into the new age, Mercedes have replaced the Turbo V8 with a 4-cylinder hybrid and in doing so obliterated all the performance figures of the previous generation. Going from 503bhp to 671bhp, a huge increase in torque and shaving half a second off it’s 0-62mph time will go some way to making up for the loss of engine character, but with the new addition of all-wheel drive, lots of new driving modes and a now claimed 40mpg the C63 E Performance does make a very compelling case for your hard earned pounds.

#21 – Bentley Continental GT V8 S

The Continental GT has long been one of our best sellers at Romans and Bentley continue to add to the range with the ’S’ version finally made available in 2023. Pitched as the most driver focused version of the GT thanks to the lighter V8 engine, enhanced sports exhaust and the Bentley Dynamic Ride system. The ’S’ also features several exterior and interior styling tweaks as well as the usual customisation options that Bentley are known for and this should fill the gap nicely before a new “Supersports” is eventually announced.

#20 – Bentley Bentayga EWB

Bentley are known for producing some of the fastest, smoothest, and most luxurious cars in the world. Sitting at the top of the luxury SUV scale, the Bentayga is a model we’re very familiar with but for the first time Bentley have now added a long-wheel base variant to its line up. The Bentayga EWB adds 180mm to the wheelbase and consequently to the space for rear passengers adding to its chauffeuring appeal and impressive road presence. With the long wheelbase SUV segment getting ever more popular and the Mulsanne now ceased production the Bentayga EWB is an important model for Bentley to appeal to those who want the ultimate in luxury travel and refinement.

#19 – Mercedes-AMG S63 E

Revealed recently as the first ever hybrid AMG S-Class the newly named S63 E Performance has some rather stonking numbers to be proud of. Maintaining the 4.0L V8 from the previous generation but now with the assistance of an electrified rear axle taking BHP to 790 the S63 can now reach 0-62mph in just 3.3 seconds whilst keeping a WLTP economy rating of 53mpg. For the first time on a 4-door S-Class Mercedes have incorporated the 3-pointed star logo into the front grille rather than sitting on top of the bonnet but it is pretty much guaranteed that you’ll still get all the class-leading technology and luxury that we’ve come to expect from the Mercedes flagship saloon.

#18 – Audi RS6 Avant Performance

Capable of combining every-day usability and supercar level performance like no other, the RS6 Avant has always been a firm favourite at Romans. Audi have given it a new lease of life by releasing a new “Performance” model in which it receives an output upgrade of 30 bhp and 50 Nm of torque, a weight reduction of 20kg and a re-engineered differential to create an even more driver-focused estate car. New alloys and new colour options are added but perhaps best of all Audi have removed sound deadening allowing more of those V8 rumbles into the cabin.

#17 – McLaren Artura

Sporting an all-new chassis which McLaren call the McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture, or MCLA, the new Artura presents a lot of firsts for the brand. It’s powered by a hybrid 3-litre twin-turbocharged V6 which is all-new for the Artura and produces a healthy 671bhp. While the Artura’s design is unmistakably McLaren at its core, subtle updates over previous models give it a cleaner and more modern look as well as being more aerodynamically efficient than its older siblings. The Artura is a fantastic new addition to the McLaren lineup and is a representation of real innovation from the iconic brand. While it divided opinions on first release, we’ve grown to love this car and can’t wait for customer cars to start appearing on the market.

#16 – Porsche 911 (992) Sport Classic

The latest limited edition 911 to celebrate Porsche’s past sees the “Sport Classic” name revived as part of it’s new Heritage Design Series, last seen on the 992 Targa 4S. Following in the footsteps of the 997 Sport Classic the latest version sees the return of the ducktail spoiler, a manual gearbox as well as many other nods to the 1960s and early 70s 911s. A new take on the familiar colour is now called “Sport Grey Metallic” but clients can opt for a Paint to Sample colour to go with the iconic Pepita interior and twin painted stripes on the bonnet. With 1,250 examples worldwide the 992 Sport Classic doesn’t come cheap with a base price of £214,200 but expect large premiums on top of this if you want to secure one secondhand.

#15 – Ineos Grenadier

This very ambitious project funded by one of the UK’s richest businessmen was an idea to fill the void left by the Land Rover Defender which ceased production in 2015. Whilst Land Rover have very much taken the Defender into a new direction as a modern SUV, the Ineos Defender is aiming to appeal to those who preferred the old school rugged style of the iconic model by building a proper off-roader with the utilitarian charm of the old Defender. Despite well-documented struggles with production the Ineos Defender is reportedly very close to going into production and it’s a model we will keeping a close eye on and we hope to see a few at Romans.

#14 – New BMW M2

The highly anticipated new BMW M2 split a lot of opinions when it was unveiled to the world in October this year. However, with a staggering 460bhp and a completely overhauled design both in and out, its hard to deny its validity as a worthy replacement for the original M2. The interior can not only be equipped with the optional stunning carbon fibre bucket seats taken from the M3 & M4, it also adopts the very latest BMW tech, including the all-new curved digital display which acts as a replacement for traditional gauges and infotainment. If that didn’t all sound great as it is, you’ll also be able to spec the M2 with a manual gearbox. At Romans we’re very excited to see these hit the roads and eventually get our hands on one.

#13 – BMW M3 Touring

For years we have seen hardcore BMW fans and customers create their own “M3 Touring”, usually consisting of a standard 3 Series estate with increased power and a body kit. However, BMW finally listened to the demand in 2022 and unveiled the first ever official fully-fledged M3 estate car – and we couldn’t be more excited for it. With deliveries set to start early next year, we’ve already started to see some incredible specifications and optional extras up for grabs from the factory, including the all-new carbon bucket seats found in the M3 saloon. Sporting the exact same engine, power figures and technology as the standard M3, the Touring is set to be one of the best fast wagons on the market.

#12 – Audi R8 GT

2023 will be the final year of the Audi R8 as we know it and Audi are signing off with their most special version yet – the R8 GT. Not since 2011 have we seen the ‘GT’ badging on an R8 and this latest version is set to be highly sought after with just 333 examples built worldwide and built in rear-wheel drive only. With increased power to 620bhp this makes it the most powerful RWD car in Audi’s history and this swansong R8 could end up being one of the very last naturally aspirated V10s in history so it a great reason to celebrate this iconic marque.

#11 – Lamborghini Urus Performante

Not sure anyone could have predicted quite how much of roaring success Lamborghini’s hugely popular SUV has proven to be. Despite long waiting lists on the original model Lamborghini decided to take it up another notch by producing both a facelift Urus called the “Urus S” but also a lightweight more performance-focused version called the “Urus Performante” much like they did with the Huracan. With more power, a new titanium exhaust and extensive use of carbon fibre including the eye catching bonnet the Urus Performante is set to take the Super SUV segment to the next level and we should start seeing them coming through in Q1 2023.

#10 – Maserati MC20 Cielo

The MC20 has been hailed as one of the most thrilling supercars on sale today with the coveted “Evo Car of The Year” award recently under it’s belt This 621bhp Maserati boasts a full carbon tub, an immensely powerful twin-turbo V6 and a proper cool-factor which is heightened further with the release of it’s Spyder version named the MC20 Cielo (Cielo is Italian for Sky). We are thrilled to see Maserati return to glory ushering in a new generation and can’t wait to experience this machine in drop-top form.

#9 – Ferrari 296 GTS

Following on from the success of the 296 GTB, the GTS variant takes the drama and cabin noise to the next level with the introduction of a convertible hard top roof. A perfect summer car, the 296 GTS – as you can imagine – has effectively the exact same setup as the GTB which results in the same incredible performance. Even with an added 70kg, amazingly the GTS achieves 2.9 seconds to 62mph, with the hybrid engine producing 817bhp. This is a car we’re incredibly excited to get our hands on, especially in the summer months where the note of the V6 as well as the open-top experience can really be enjoyed.

#8 – Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica

Lamborghini have continued to evolve the Huracan with its latest version stepping things up once again. Whilst much of the performance is on a par with the more extreme Huracan STO, the Tecnica is an altogether more accessible car which replaces the EVO as the last series production Huracan. Lamborghini have gone to great lengths to improve aerodynamics, stability and handling over the Huracan EVO maintaining the rear wheel drive setup of the STO but with the versatility of everyday practicality. Sounds good to us!

#7 – Aston Martin Valhalla

Created in partnership with Red Bull Racing, the Valhalla has been known under various codenames, had its engine changed and the design has varied heavily throughout its development. The final product now features a twin-turbocharged, 4-litre V8, working alongside two electric motors, with the official horsepower figure sitting at a jaw-dropping 937bhp. Only 999 examples will be built, with production reportedly starting in early 2023 and a price of roughly £600,000. The striking new Aston has been built to compete with the Mercedes-AMG One, Porsche 918 Spyder and other hypercars of similar calibre, and with stunning looks and staggering performance figures, the Valhalla is not a car to be overlooked.

#6 – Pagani Utopia

With only two models in their history, when Pagani announce an all-new hypercar, it’s a pretty big deal. Arguably the craziest looking Pagani yet, the Utopia astounded fans around the world upon its release earlier in 2022. It’ll be available with the choice of either a 7-speed automated manual transmission, or a pure manual box which is scarcely seen in modern supercars and hypercars, making the Utopia an utterly unique venture for Pagani. The Italian brand have lived up to expectations with the looks, performance and sheer quality and elegance – particularly throughout the interior. Stunning, ultra-high-quality materials have been used on every surface and surround the beautiful gated manual shifter – if it’s been optioned. What a machine, and one that had to be on our list as it will certainly go down in history once it’s released in 2023.

#5 – Rolls Royce Spectre

If there was ever a manufacturer that suited the switch over to electric cars then Rolls Royce has to be at the top of that list. With most owners appreciating the quietness of the cabin, the magic carpet smooth ride and the ultra luxurious materials the new Rolls Royce Spectre is going to take all of that to a new level with it’s first fully electric luxury vehicle. Essentially a replacement for the Wraith but a spiritual successor to the Phantom Coupe, the Spectre is set to take Rolls Royce into the next generation. Expect lots of bespoke options, some very fruity specifications and for the rest of the model range to follow suit.

#4 – Ferrari 812 Competizione A

We are starting to see deliveries coming through for the coupe variant of Ferrari’s lightweight V12 special edition of the 812 Superfast and if you were lucky enough to get one then you are in a highly exclusive club. Later in 2023 though we should start to see the Aperta version of the 812 Competizione which with only 599 examples worldwide is much rarer than the coupe and will represent the absolute pinnacle of open-top motoring. When you think the F12 TDF was only available in coupe form and the possibility that this could be the very last of the naturally aspirated V12 Ferrari’s you can see why this is set to be one of the most collectible Ferrari’s of modern times.

#3 – Lamborghini Aventador Replacement

The still yet to be named replacement for the iconic Aventador is undoubtedly one of the most hotly anticipated Lamborghini’s for many years. The Aventador’s life cycle spanned over 10 years with multiple variants and special editions and will go down as one of the all-time great supercars. The replacement flagship model has big shoes to fill and all we know so far is that it will be encompassing the hybrid V12 used in the £3m Lamborghini Sian. Expect some unbelievable performance stats and trademark flamboyant looks when it finally gets revealed early Spring time.

#2 – Ferrari Purosangue

The thought of a Ferrari SUV might have had Enzo turning in his grave and whilst Ferrari are still reluctant to call it an SUV judging by early signs we think he would actually be pretty proud of this one. The Purosangue is initially offered with a V12, one of the only SUVs to do so and it’s the first Ferrari ever to be built with 4-doors and more specifically the Rolls Royce style suicide doors. Apparently the waiting list is already as long as 2025 with demand off the scale which is to be expected when you have the biggest name in Automotive producing a model in the most popular segment of all.

#1 – Porsche 911 (992) GT3 RS

There wasn’t much debate over who was going to take the top spot this year, it is of course the eagerly awaited 992 GT3 RS. Porsche continue to push the boundaries and the new GT3 RS is more extreme than ever. With new features such as F1 style Drag Reduction System (DRS), new rotary switches on the steering wheel for variable damping settings and a wild new rear wing which for the first time is higher than the roofline. Deliveries in the UK should start early 2023 and we can’t wait to get our first one, the question is how high will the premium be? Let’s wait and see.

Hopefully you enjoyed our countdown of the most anticipated cars of 2023. All of us here at Romans International wish you a happy new year, and here’s to a very exciting 2023 filled with the release of some automotive treasures.