Range Rover SVR vs SVAutobiography

  • Range Rover SVR vs SVAutobiography

In this video we compare two powerhouses of the Range Rover brand, the Range Rover Sport 5.0 SVR & the Range Rover 5.0 SVAutobiography Dynamic. The diverse capabilities of these two models certainly overlap a great deal, however it is their specific and niche strong suits that make this comparison so interesting and relevant. Having bought and sold countless examples of both these cars in a varying range of specification and colour, Romans International are in a unique position when creating a buyers guide such as this. By taking a look at the cars features, their styling and ultimately their price point in the market we aim to help you decide on your ultimate Range Rover!

Check out the full video below:

SVR vs SVAutobiography – Which Range Rover should you buy?

Range Rover Sport 5.0 SVR

This is the latest model facelift SVR that features a whole host of new updates and upgrades. The most notable difference is the new bonnet scoops giving the car a much more aggressive look and this is one of several subtler styling differences over the previous model including brand new lightweight Supersport seats. From a performance stand point, the new SVR has a 25 bhp power increase with improved torque which enables the top speed to be improved by 14mph to 176mph. The chassis has been tweaked, SVR Dynamic Response is enhanced so that the vehicle corners flatter and faster than any other Land Rover, whilst SVR Sport Suspension is optimised for performance and delivers improved handling. Furthermore, the new SVR has integrated quad-tailpipes with Active Exhaust which provide its distinctively throaty engine sound.

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Range Rover 5.0 SVAutobiography Dynamic

The SVAutobiography Dynamic is right at the top of the Range Rover family tree, featuring many of the most luxurious options as standard, combined with 565hp of unrelenting power. This car delivers sumptuous levels of comfort in partnership with top-level agility and performance for such a large vehicle. The latest Range Rover features a whole host of upgrades and updates for the 2018 model year and is the first proper facelift since the inception of the fourth generation Range Rover in 2012. The new front grille is going to be the most obvious way of distinguishing it from the old model, but the majority of changes are on the inside. The new dual screen infotainment is very eye catching whilst there are new 24-way electrically adjustable seats and a rear executive class where the party piece is the new electrically deployable central armrest, so you can switch between a 4-seat set up and the 5-seat configuration.

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