Most Anticipated Cars of 2020

  • Most Anticipated Cars of 2020

A new decade is almost upon us. With electrification and strict emission laws being the talk of town, there are still some incredibly exciting cars being launched in 2020. From super SUV’s, electric cars, luxury saloons to hypercars; 2020 should be another unforgettable year for the automotive industry.
We did a list of 2019’s most anticipated cars and unfortunately, some cars on that list didn’t make it to the 2020 list like the Mercedes-AMG Project One. Due to on-going testing and delays caused by stricter emission regulations, delivery dates have been significantly rescheduled and is still to be confirmed. Make sure you check out the list here:
Here is Romans International’s top 20 most anticipated cars in 2020:

#20 Ferrari Roma

Roma. A very significant word that connects to the magical capital of Italy, Rome. This 2+ GT Coupe aims to tap into a new customer base for Ferrari and compete with Britain’s own Aston Martin Vantage and Porsche 911. With 272 litres of boot space, an uprated 3.9 litre twin-turbo charged engine from the Portofino; Ferrari are the kings when it comes to sports cars so expect the Roma to be another hit.



#19 Maserati Alfieri
The long awaited GranTurismo replacement is imminent as 2020 is the year we will see Maserati’s all new sports car, the Alfieri. A few automotive manufacturers make soulful cars as good as Maserati so if this Italian manufacturer can inject at least 1 ounce of the GranTurismo’s soul into the Alfieri, then no doubt it will be a success. With Maserati looking to offer different hybrid & fully electrified powertrains, the Alfieri is set to reinvigorate the famous Italian marque.



#18 Aston Martin Vantage Roadster
Set to make its debut in Spring 2020, the new Aston Martin Vantage Roadster is certainly a looker. It retains the same styling, wide and low stance as the coupe with the clear change being the addition of a folding soft-top roof. Rivalling the Audi R8 Spyder and Porsche 911 Cabriolet, this British brute will come with a German sourced AMG 4.0L twin turbocharged V8 powerplant and will amount to an 8% price premium over the coupe variant.



#17 New Bentley Flying Spur
How about this for a headline stat? Faster than any Mercedes S Class ever made. With 626 bhp on tap from its W12 engine, 207 mph top speed and 0-62 mph in 3.8 seconds, Bentley have gone above and beyond to make sure their flagship saloon is the ultimate drivers luxury car. For starters, it sits on the new Continental GT’s platform, has an all new design, the driver now sits further back in the cockpit, rear wheel steering is available for added agility, torque delivery is rear biased and launch control is now available. Coupled with the sumptuous luxurious interior which is identical to the stunning Continental GT’s interior and plenty of rear legroom on offer thanks to the added 130 mm longer wheelbase than the previous model; then overall, this is a car owners will be happy to be driving and chauffeured in.



#16 McLaren GT
Not another new McLaren we hear you say? But hang on, this might just be the most useable supercar you can buy today. And before you think it’s a rebodied 570 GT, it’s not, as this is an all new car from the ground up. Usability is the key word here as the GT has more boot space than a Ford Focus. If you were wondering, it has 570 litres of luggage capacity thanks to a lowered engine, the ride height has been raised so that with nose lift you have incredible ground clearance and the interior has been overhauled so it feel more luxurious. If you want one supercar that does it all then look no further.



#15 New Rolls Royce Ghost
Caught testing around the Nürburgring, the baby Roller will predictably use the same platform architecture as the Cullinan and new Phantom. The current Ghost was launched back in 2010 so it is long overdue a mid-life refresh and facelift. The Ghost is one of our best-selling Rolls-Royces, so we hope the new one picks up where the current gen Roller left off.



#14 McLaren Elva
More powerful than a Senna, the lightest production McLaren ever made and their first open-cockpit production road car is just some of the raw ingredients that make up McLaren’s new Ultimate Series supercar. McLaren have taken a leaf out of Ferrari’s book with the Monza SP1 & SP2 and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss. Limited to just 399 examples worldwide and a list price £1,425,000, we hope to see this stunning car in our showroom one day.



#13 Bentley Continental GT V8
Sweet Spot. These two words summed up the previous generation Continental GT V8 as it was the complete all-rounder in the range. The saying less is more couldn’t have been truer as like the previous generation iteration, Bentley has dropped the heavy W12 engine in favour of a lighter 4.0L twin-turbo charged V8 engine. The car is 50 kg lighter than the W12, features tweaked suspension and overall is a much more engaging car to drive than it’s W12 bigger brother.



#12 Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Meet the world’s best electric car! Not our words, but words of highly respected journalists which is mighty impressive bearing in mind this is Porsche’s first crack at the whip. The Taycan looks to take the fight to Tesla and from launch it’s available in 3 variants. The Taycan 4S (from £83,367 with combined range of 206 – 252 miles), Taycan Turbo (from £115,858 with combined range of 236 – 279 miles) and Taycan Turbo S (from £138,826 with combined range of 241 – 256 miles). If you want Performance, the 751 bhp Turbo S is the one to have with an impressive launch time of 2.6 seconds from 0-62 mph. No doubt, this will be in our showroom in the near future.



#11 Ferrari F8 Tributo
A road-biased 488 Pista for the masses. Ferrari’s latest supercar is the much anticipated 488 GTB’s replacement and as the “Tributo” name suggests, it’s a tribute to Ferrari’s award-winning turbo charged V8 engine; a celebration of excellence. It uses the same incredible powerplant as the limited edition 488 Pista which happens to be the most powerful V8 in Ferrari’s history. Ferrari have then wrapped this engine around a new design, updated the interior and “voila”, you have a recipe for what will undoubtably be one of the bestselling Ferraris.



#10 Aston Martin DBX
Aston Martin’s saviour. We all love Aston Martin. It makes you proud to be British and it’s a firm that has been regularly voted in the top of 5 of the World’s coolest brands which is very impressive for a car manufacturer. We need Aston Martin and it has been tough times for the company with falling stock values since being floated a year ago. With the world going SUV mad with the popularity of super SUV’s such as the Lamborghini UrusBentley Bentayga and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the DBX will no doubt be a very important car to revive the brand and take some market share from the established SUV players. Its future depends on the success of this DBX and with prices starting at £158,000, we are sure they’ll sell like hot cakes.



#9 Ferrari 812 GTS
Probably one of the biggest surprises revealed in 2019. Meet the latest drop top from Maranello. Named the 812 GTS, it’s a convertible 812 Superfast with the same unadulterated 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 with a whopping 780 bhp. This is Ferrari’s first volume production front mounted V12 Spider since the 365 GTS/4 or Daytona Spider if you ignore the limited run V12 cars such as the 599 SA Aperta, 575 Superamerica and the 550 Barchetta. Rest assured, the 812 GTS will be the perfect summer cruiser in 2020.



#8 Mercedes AMG GT R Black Series
The return of the mighty Black Series. Captured going around the Nurburgring, the new AMG GT R Black Series means business and is set to take ques from AMG’s GT R GT3 race car. Let’s start with the rear wing. As rear wings go, it looks incredibly impressive with its double layer design and sits as high as the roofline. The rear bumper has been extensively modified and could we see the return of those quad circular tailpipes synonymous with earlier AMG’s? The car also features an aggressive front splitter, canards, new grille and forward-facing front air vents. This is a hugely anticipated car and we cannot wait to see the full production car on the road.



#7 Porsche 992 GT3 (Spring 2020)
The sports car benchmark. Will it be turbocharged? Will it still sound good with all the new ruthless emissions regulations? Will it still tingle and give the same buzz as the 991 GT3’s of the past? These are all unknown questions but all we know from the Nürburgring images that this will be a very special car. No GT3 has yet disappointed so we hope Porsche picks up where the 991.2 GT3 left off.



#6 Land Rover Defender
The Defender is back stronger and better than ever before. With an all new chassis, styling, increased dimensions, new engine options and technology on offer, this is now a 4×4 ready for the 21st century. Just like the previous Defender, two models will be available including the five door 110 to the three door 90. Prices will start at £45,240 for the 110 version and £40,290 for the 90. Commercial Defenders will be priced from around £35,000 + VAT. This is a car we cannot wait to have here at Romans International and no doubt with be a hit.



#5 Porsche Cayman GT4 RS
Just like you, as soon as we saw images and the two ‘RS’ letters which stand for Rennsport next to the GT4 name we started frothing in the mouth. Is this too good to be true? A Cayman GT4 with more aerodynamic enhancements, more power from the naturally aspirated flat six and less weight could be a formula for one of the greatest sports cars money can buy. The Cayman GT4 is already a Romans favourite and the RS spotted here with no camouflage which is typical of Porsche, a stunning rear wing and the GT3 RS Weissach style Carbon Fibre bonnet with the NACA ducts could only mean that this GT4 RS will be very sort after.



#4 McLaren Speedtail

You’d be forgiven to think McLaren’s new speed machine has dropped out of space and landed on earth looking to eliminate all human species. The styling is straight out of a sci-fi movie which was done for a reason so that its very aerodynamically efficient and slippery when going in a straight line. This is because it’s mission was to supersede the McLaren F1’s 241 mph top speed and be its successor. The Speedtail does this in style with some incredible headline stats. 250 mph top speed. 0-186 mph in 12.8 seconds. 1036 bhp. So not only is the Speedtail faster, but it also features the iconic three seat layout with the central driving position. Prices will start at £1.75 million plus taxes and only 106 examples will be made to match the exact production run of the McLaren F1.



#3 Aston Martin Valkyrie
A game changer. A hugely significant car in automotive history pushing the boundary of aerodynamics and redefining the term hypercar. Designed by F1 genius Adrian Newey, the man responsible for designing Red Bull’s F1 championship winning cars, the Valkyrie already has an incredible pedigree. Words can’t describe how wild, menacing and yet elegant this machine is. With a 6.5 litre naturally aspirated V12 made by Cosworth mated to an electric motor making a combined output of 1,160 bhp, the engine can rev to an astonishing 11,100 rpm which is a world first for a naturally aspirated V12 engine. With plenty of downforce, stripped out focused interior, the Valkyrie is the new track day king.



#2 Audi RS6 Avant

The new Audi RS6 Avant is here and we cannot wait to get our hands on one. The previous generation RS6 Avant remains one of our bestselling models and Audi have not disappointed with this new car. With more aggressive styling, a mild hybrid system, new and improved interior and new tech makes this the perfect all-round wolf in sheep’s clothing. Three model trims will be available starting with the standard car costing from £92,750, the Carbon Black Edition at £100,650 and the Vorsprung Edition with an increased top speed, sports suspension, 22” alloys and four-wheel steering all for £109,250.



#1 Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Top on our list is the fastest series-production Ferrari ever made. Faster than the LaFerrari hypercar and built to celebrate 90 years of Scuderia Ferrari hence the name SF90, this is the next generation of Ferrari supercar and their first plug in hybrid. With 986 bhp thanks to a new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 and three electric motors, this Ferrari is four-wheel drive and offers outstanding performance figures. Not only will it be the first Ferrari to keep your neighbours happy as you can drive on pure electric, but if you move up the e-Manettino modes, you can switch to Hybrid, Performance and even Qualifying mode which combines all four powertrains for their highest possible output. Two models will be available, the standard model and the lighter Assetto Fiorano model. Both the exterior and interior designs have moved away from Ferrari’s current design language with the car showcasing some incredible innovative features. We certainly cannot wait to have one in stock.


Check out the full video here on our 20 Most Anticipated Cars of 2020: