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The Noble M600 has getting a lot of attention from sports car motor industry, especially Ferrari and Porsche, who are also competing in Noble’s target market. But this car is firmly aimed at the upper end of that market, mostly down to the car’s performance and price.

This is just unique car because of its concept, design, the manufacturing process, breathtaking performance and it’s made by a British company. The ethos of Noble is to give the driver of the M600 pure driving pleasure and put the driver back in control of the car. The reason for this approach is that Noble feel that many new luxury sports cars and supercars often rely or are controlled heavily by computer aided features, like traction control, computer assisted suspension and electronic hand-paddle gear change on the steering wheel.

Noble have dispensed with these kinds of features on the M600, so if you would like traction control on you M600 it will be an added extra. All from a twin-turbo V8 super car that has 3 adjustable power output settings ranging from 450bhp through to 650bhp, weighs a mere 1,250kg, will travel from 0-62mph in 3 seconds and within 6 seconds reach 100mph, with a top speed of 225mph. It’s definitely a car to keep up with. Romans International are the official worldwide dealer for Noble Automotive and we specialise in supercars for sale.

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