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Porsche have announced the brand new version of the 911 Targa which is creating plenty of excitement amongst Porsche dealers and fans having debuted at the North American International Auto Show. The latest model belongs to the 991 series having replaced the previous 997 series in what is the now the fourth version of the Targa and it has to be said one of the most beautiful.

Based on the 991 Carrera 4S and 4S Cabriolet the new Targa sees the striking return of a rear dome window crafted entirely from glass, which is complimented perfectly by a contrast coloured roof-hoop.

It will also sport a fabric-covered overhead to echo the style and panache of the original iconic model from the ‘60s; the fabric also folds in behind the rear seats at the touch of a button so that drivers can feel the wind in their hair. Removing the roof won’t be taxing, either, as it can now be done electronically, with the whole process taking just 19 seconds to complete once the vehicle is stationary.

While the new Targa certainly draws on the style of the ‘60s 911, its smooth lines and wealth of technology will ensure it as one the advanced luxury cars for sale; sports seats, a 7in colour television and leather interior throughout are just a few of the many highlights of this latest edition.

The Targa 4 comes with all the same choice of engines as the conventional 911, although there will be the added option of a 395bhp 3.8L engine for those who opt for the enhanced power of the Targa 4S. Four wheel drive, meanwhile, is a standard feature.

Already generating waves of interest across the motoring world following its unveiling, first deliveries are expected as soon as early this summer. Prices for the Targa 4 will start from £86,281, while the Targa 4S is set to command the higher purchase price of £96,316.

The Targa has never been one of the most popular 911s in recent times in terms of sales and we rarely see them in the used car market place but the 991 Targa I think could change this as it really feels the Targa can stand as it’s own model with it’s own distinctive style rather than just a slight variant on the Carrera.

If you are interested in buying a new 911 Targa then speak to us, we are able to obtain some of the first models available in the UK.

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