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The Bentley Continental GTC is widely regarded as the “best convertible in the world”, however Bentley have just brought out a new contender for that title, the new Bentley Continental GT Convertible.

So surely how can you improve on perfection? Well the new Bentley GTC has a supreme attention to detail, with an improved & sublime driving experience, is newly acquired technical prowess, its eco-friendlier emissions, improved fuel economy and all from a slightly more powerful 550bhp engine.

Bentley also claim it’s the stiffest convertible on the road, as many other luxury cars often loose their “torsional rigidity” when a vehicle looses its roof section. But this is not the case with the Bentley GTC, the ride and handling has not been impaired by the new body-shell design. It has still retained its envied quality driving experience and elegant feel on the road.

So if you are looking for a used Bentley and maybe a luxury convertible, then give Romans International a call or better still, visit our showroom in Surrey, as we are one of the country’s leading suppliers of prestigious luxury cars.

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