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Audi are set to release the updated R8 very soon and stylistically it looks pretty much the same as the previous Audi R8. The main difference this time around is that it will receive the 7 speed S-Tronic gearbox which has been used more recently on the RS5 and the new RS4 Avant.

The s-tronic transmission will be an option on the V8 model but come as standard on the newly named V10 Plus. The difference between the R-Tronic is vast, the S-Tronic uses dual clutch transmission giving the responsiveness of a manual but the convenience of an automatic.

Prices have increased for both models so for your extra pounds you also get a few other tweaks including slight changes to front and rear bumper including circular exhausts, new headlights, better emissions and the V10 gets an extra 25bhp. Acceleration is improved due to the quicker shift times of the S-tronic though the manual gearbox still holds the top speed at 198mph for the V10 Plus.

Prices are expected to be £91K for the V8 and £124K for the V10 plus. If your interested in one of the new Audi R8s or perhaps any other used luxury cars for sale then please contact us at Romans.

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