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The Maranello-based Italian luxury sports car company Ferrari are not only well known for their supreme luxury cars and the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, but also proud of another track car which made its debut at Suzuka in Japan.

The 2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione is a 740bhp track special which features an F1-style DRS system and has just made its first run around the famous Suzuka circuit. The original 599XX was an Enzo-based car built by Ferrari as their ‘rolling laboratory’ in what was a way of developing their future road cars, designed for track use only.

This new 599XX Evo features many new upgrades which include improved chassis dynamics courtesy of a new active aerodynamic package from the significantly visible active rear wing which is integrated with the 599XX Evos’ electronic control systems. This new car also weighs 35kg less and has boosted horsepower over its predecessor. Sadly to get your hands on one of these amazing Ferrari’s you have to be an existing owner of the 599XX, and with only 30 models made, you would be one of a select few.

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