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Romans take a look at 2 very different brands, British based Jaguar and Italian based Maserati who will be fighting more than ever in the coming years for the same customers. With Jaguar releasing the new F-Type very soon and Maserati announcing a vast expansion of their range these 2 brands will have a similar line-up of cars in terms of the price-range and performance on offer.

Both have been around since the beginning of the 20th Century and both brands have carved out their own history and heritage within the automotive world. While Jaguar have perhaps held a more traditional British appeal which is stark contrast to Maserati’s cutting-edge exciting sports cars but there is no denying the 2 brands are now more similar than ever before in what they offer.

Maserati currently can’t quite compete with Jaguar in terms of output and sales but as a brand it still undoubedly remains one of the very coolest and Fiat as their owners are going to invest in exploiting this and the signs are there that the future is very bright indeed. They have announced a series of new models for production which are aiming to take their annual sales to 50,000 which would be on a par with Jaguars current output. The luxury flagship Quattroporte will be at the forefront of this growth with it’s sixth-generation scheduled for release next year which will naturally rival the Jaguar XJ. It will be officially unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show but rumours persist that it will include a sizeable increase in length and weight reduction with Ferrari building a new V8 engine specifically for it. They will then turn their attentions to the Maserati Ghibli a smaller saloon to take on the Jaguar XF which will most likely be based on the Quattroporte but with a V6 engine. A high-performance version is also likely to feature the V8 engine to rival the Jaguar XFR. The much-touted Maserati 4×4 Levante should eventually get a release sometime in 2014 the centennary year for Maserati and also mark it’s first foray into the Diesel market. Finally plans to release a new entry-level sports car are also being looked at which could be based on the Alfa Romeo 4C. All in all it’s an exciting time for Maserati Dealers and fans alike.

Jaguar plan to keep ahead of the competition and have announced huge plans for growth over the next decade or so and are attempting to cover the majority of the premium market with a range of 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, 4-wheel drive versions as well as a XF Sporting Brake but the one that is going to grab all the headlines is the F-Type, the long-awaited successor to the iconic E-Type. Demand for the F-Type is said to equal that of their partner Land Rover’s Range Rover Evoque where huge levels of demand outweighing supply were achieved and surprisingly for such a mass-produced car customers are still finding themselves on long waiting lists well over a year after the release. Considering the F-Type is meant to be produced at 10% of the Evoque’s volume it’s hard to think what the waiting lists might be for the F-Type. Should it live up to the hype much of Jaguar’s success in the long run could be pinned on the F-Type as in our opinion Maserati as a brand is much more appealing to the young and affluent and Jaguar really will have to pull out all the stops to keep the Italians at bay.

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