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It’s now been 25 years since the classic Ferrari F40 supercar first charged onto the UK’s roads, and it has certainly lost none of it’s appeal, in fact it has only increased it’s status as one of the world’s greatest supercars for sale in history.

Romans International have just taken in what must be one of the world’s greatest examples of the Ferrari F40 with unbelievably low mileage, impeccable service history and with full Ferrari Classiche certification. It doesn’t get any better.

Described by Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond as the best supercar the world has ever seen, the F40 was also the last to be produced during the lifetime of the world-beating marque’s founder, Enzo Ferrari. Now, with the model well into its fourth decade of sale, motorists from around the world are still shelling out to get their hands on fine examples of this timeless car and, despite the many advances in technology that the intervening years have brought, various magazines still wax lyrical about the F40’s enduring allure.

The online magazine CarBuzz recently published a photographic article expressing its love for the Italian manufacturer’s finest machine, which presents a series of snapshots of the magnificent F40 in action over the years. As the article says, the model is ‘as flawless now as it was back in 1987’ and, despite the fact that only 1,315 were ever made, ‘its legacy is still very much alive today’.

Emilio Anchisi, Ferrari North America’s then president, told Autoweek reporters in 1988 that the F40 was ‘a race car you can drive on the road, not a sedan you can also race’ and, exactly 25 years later, the magazine has decided to honour its favourite supercar with a look back at the cover story that introduced many enthusiasts to Ferrari’s stunning new release for the first time. Describing the F40 as ‘more than a collector’s fantasy’, the Autoweek team were at the time, and obviously remain, on the same wavelength as the rest of us when it comes to how they feel about this truly legendary car.

Romans International specialize in the rarest and best examples of supercars like the F40, Enzo and various others so if you are looking to buy or sell one of these prestigious models then please contact us as we are always looking to help out and provide the best possible solution for our customers.

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