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Jaguar Land Rover has released details of the new Land Rover Discovery, with this concept version featuring at the New York International Motor Show.

Designed as both the long-term replacement of the Land Rover Freelander, and Discovery 4, this new concept Discovery has certainly grabbed the attention of the automotive world with it’s radical new design.

Among the most interesting features for the model – which Land Rover describe as a premium compact sports utility vehicle – are the rear-hinged coach doors, which offer even more access to the beautiful interior than in any other Land Rover model.

Another interior feature that was noted was the addition of smart glass around the cockpit, projecting data about the car’s surroundings when connected to the Cloud. The vehicle’s sunroof is able to display semi-transparent imagery, meaning you can enjoy a sky view overhead even if you are driving in the rain!

Controlled remotely

There is also the remote control drive, where the company say that people are able to drive the car at a very low speed while using a mobile phone, tablet or the vehicle’s removable console. This feature has been designed to help in situations where a better view of surroundings are required – such as hitching a trailer onto the rear of the car.

The new Discovery will also allow drivers to avoid potential dangers ahead better than ever before, with two front-mounted cameras sending a live feed in front of the driver to create a ‘transparent bonnet’ – enhancing visibility whether you’re negotiating a tricky parking space or heading off the beaten track.

While the new Discovery is only a concept model, the news on its features means that plenty of motorists will be interested when it goes on sale in the UK in 2015.

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