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Mercedes-Benz the German luxury car manufacturer has just announced its plans for the production of the “Electric B-Class” model. The new concept model is an extended-range version of the B-Class, named the ‘Concept B-Class E-Cell Plus’ which has just been unveiled in the last couple of weeks, with the company aiming for its production in 2014.

The idea behind the concept vehicle which boasts a range of up to 600 kilometres, thanks to a brilliant combination of both electric and petrol power-trains’. The B-Class E-Cell Plus will use Mercedes-Benz’s newly developed transmission which allows the petrol engine to act as a direct driving engine (rather than an electric generator), which propels the car. This is a similar design concept to that of the successful Toyota petrol-electric designed production cars.

Mercedes is also intensively testing alternative fuel-cell powered vehicles, which also includes a B-Class model which uses a hydrogen cell.

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