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The Maranello-based Italian luxury sports car company Ferrari has just unveiled two of their latest luxury cars; the all new F12Berlinetta and the new Ferrari California at the 82nd Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland at the beginning of this week.

The F12Berlinetta brings the dawn of a new generation of V12’s from the home of the Prancing Horse, while the Ferrari California offers a lighter, more powerful replacement of the already popular California model. Plus the new California is also available with an uprated handling package (or ‘handling speciale’ as it’s known as).

Ferrari’s new luxury California Grand Tourer benefits from a 30kg weight loss, while the 4.3litre engine is boosted to 490bhp, this makes for an awesome sounding car, which offers superior handling and better power to weight ratio.

While the F12Berlinetta has evolved into an all-new car which features an impressive V12 engine which produces 730bhp and displays an elegantly styled body. This has been built around the highly evolved transaxle architecture, which features state-of-the-art components and control systems.

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