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There has been some great news for Ferrari owners after the Italian firm announced they are now offering a new extended warranty on their vehicles helping to dispel the notion that owning and maintaining a Ferrari is too costly for most buyers.

Called the ‘Power Warranty’, it can offer customers an official Ferrari warranty for up to 12 years from it’s first registration. Despite all new Ferraris in the UK currently being offered with a 4 year warranty, this new extension will delight Ferrari owners as this is not just for cars that are bought from the Ferrari network and can also apply to cars that are no longer covered by the Ferrari warranty, these will just be subject to a technical inspection.

It is a development that could potentially change the perception of supercars, allowing them to be seen as a reliable long-term option more than ever before and Ferraris in particular.

It is likely that the additional cover will be snapped up by those looking to keep the performance levels of their model at their peak, and while it isn’t likely to be a cheap purchase, it would seem a sensible investment to ward off any potential mishaps.

While the model behind the famous prancing horse aren’t giving much away on the cost of the extended warranty, they have stated they will be offering a 15 per cent year-on-year renewal incentive, as well as an additional 15 per cent if no warranty claims were made in the previous year.

It’s the latest effort by the Italian manufacturer to increase the level of after-sale service for its customers, with the last coming in the form of Ferrari Genuine Maintenance in 2011 – a seven-year maintenance program designed to increase the resale value of their cars by properly maintaining their vehicles.

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