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The much anticipated replacement for the 10 year old Ferrari Enzo has been officially named as the F150 and Ferrari have released some details about exactly what we can expect.

As expected the F150 will come with the V12 engine used in the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta accompanied by the F1 style HY-KERS hybrid system which improves Co2 emissions by 40%. Official statistics have not yet been published but we could be talking about over 800bhp and perhaps a new record 0-62mph time for a road car.

The F150 will feature lots of technology used in the F1 further bridging the gap between road and race cars with the F150 supercar clearly sitting above the more GT-like F12 Berlinetta in terms of performance. The carbon fibre monocoque chassis for the F150 was revealed at the Paris Motor Show is said to improve rigidity over the Enzo by 27%.

The drivers seat will be fixed like in F1 with the ability to move the steering wheel and the pedal box allowing the rest of the car to be shrunk around the cabin meaning the wheelbase and height of the car is more similar to the V8-engined 458 Italia than the Enzo and will also feature the Double-Clutch transmission used in recent Ferraris.

An official reveal of the car is expected in Spring 2013 with a production number of 400 all sold out with a price tag around £800,000. If you are interested in buying the F150 please contact us at Romans as we have privileged access to the most sought after and exclusive cars in the world. Romans have sold more Ferrari Enzos than any other UK dealership.

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