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Last week saw an Aston Martin DB5 go up for auction which was first owned by the ex-Beatle, George Harrison and this historic Aston Martin ended up fetching a £350,000.

This Aston Martin was 1964 DB5 model, which was originally supplied to its famous Beatle owner in January 1965. Since being owned by George Harrison the car has been part of private collection, so the car is totally original and un-restored, making this a very unique car.

The Aston Martin DB5 has become world renowned thanks to another famous person that chose to drive this beautiful model, the fictional character of Ian Fleming novels and the big screen movie franchise, Mr James Bond, a.k.a. 007. Incidentally, the actual DB5 Bond car was sold at auction five years ago and fetched over £1m. Which just goes to show the classic car market is very buoyant currently and buying a used Aston Martin might well prove to be a great investment for the future.

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