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With the Paris Motor Show now been and gone we take a look at what we were most excited about and what we can now look forward to in the near future. With several announcements made before Paris we knew what to expect for the majority of it but without a doubt the biggest surprise was that Ferrari showcased the chassis for the new Enzo.

This was completely unannounced and really stole some of the thunder from the Mclaren P1 which we all expected to dominate the headlines. It was back in April where first details of the Ferrari Enzo replacement were leaked and though an actual car was not on show Ferrari showcased much of the carbon fibre technology used on it’s F1 car while the weight of the chassis was revealed as only 70Kg, which is 20% lighter than the Enzo.

Ferrari have used different types of carbon fibre in different parts of the chassis it has allowed the technicians to create more rigidity and stiffness than the Enzo as well as many weight-saving measures by intergrating different parts into the chassis. Other details confirmed were that it will retain the ‘butterfly’ doors of the Enzo and that first customers will get to see a prodcution version by the end of this year before it is officially revealed at the Shanghai Motor Show in 2013.

The car as expected will be more fuel efficient with a HY-KERS drivetrain combining the V12 engine and the DCT transmission to an electric motor taking more inspiration from the F1 car.

The new era of supercars is getting nearer and the excitement builds for not only the new Enzo but also for the Mclaren P1 which at Paris put to bed any rumours of a central driving position by stating it would only be a left-hand drive car. The Porsche 918 Spyder is also creating more excitement as news comes in that it has smashed the Carrera GT’s Nurburgring lap time by 18 seconds!

Other headlines from the Paris Motor Show focused on the Jaguar F-Type, the long-mooted successor to the E-Type which is set to define the future for Jaguar. A hybrid concept for a Porsche Panamera estate was revealed which we had previously speculated would happen. Ferrari revealed a new Panoramic roof for it’s four seat, four wheel drive Ferrari FF and Lamborghini showcased a host of changes for the 2013 Lamborghini Aventador including stop-start technology and new alloys.

Overall it was an exciting show but for us the most exciting part was the plans for the new Ferrari Enzo which could be arriving at the Romans showroom not before too long. For now you can cast your eyes over the current car of which we currently have 2 Ferrari Enzo’s for sale, a modern classic seen by many experts as the greatest car of our time.

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