Make Overview

When it comes to automotive history, Mercedes takes first place when put against any other manufacturer. Since inventing the world’s first combustion engine in an automobile in 1886, Karl Benz and the subsequent formation of the Mercedes-Benz company have become leaders in the automotive industry. For over 100 years, Mercedes-Benz has pioneered the production of cars, setting the standard for safety, quality and innovation. 

One of Mercedes-Benz's key achievements is its commitment to safety. The brand has been a pioneer in the development of safety features such as airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock braking systems. Mercedes-Benz has also been a leader in the development of hybrid and electric vehicles, showcasing its commitment to environmental sustainability. Recent years have seen an array of electric vehicles offered by the brand, from luxury SUVs to sportier sedans like the EQS. 

The Mercedes-AMG subsidiary is responsible for the most hardcore, performance focused cars Mercedes has to offer. AMG cars are more aggressively styled, with higher quality and lighter materials like carbon fibre used throughout. An AMG car’s performance is also given a significant upgrade, with better handling to match. When driving an AMG, you can be certain you are behind the wheel of the highest-performing, most exclusive Mercedes on the market. From the iconic CLK-GTR to the F1-engined AMG One, now the fastest road-legal production car around the Nürburgring, each AMG showcases the pinnacle of what Mercedes can offer. The AMG cars have famously been recruited as Formula 1 Safety cars since 1996, with a variety of AMG models taking the reins and keeping the fastest cars in the world in its rear-view mirror.  

But when an AMG just won’t cut it, the Black Series line of cars is ready to leave the rest of the line-up in the dust. The Black Series cars are the flagship of flagships. The most aggressive and purest form of AMG to roll out the factory. Only the very best models receive the Black Series treatment, such as the SL65, C63, SLS and most recently, the AMG GT.   

Mercedes offers a versatile range of vehicles, both with high levels of performance and luxury. The G63 has become one of the most popular luxury SUVs on the market, with a retro 4x4 style paired with raw performance and high quality materials.  

Mercedes is all about blending comfort with performance, and no matter which model you get behind, you are guaranteed to be surrounded by the best technology, the best materials, and the best cars that Germany has to offer.