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Model Overview

The E-Class is the mid-range of the Mercedes line up and it’s range of cars are best described as executive coming with many different body styles, engine sizes and fuel types. The roots of the E-Class trace back to the 1950s where the W120 ‘Ponton’ was the first mid-size Mercedes while the E-Class name was first introduced in the late 1980s. These days the E-Class remains a car renowned for it’s durability and practicality whilst offering a luxurious and comfortable ride and is still a true global force bringing in strong sales around the world.

Where things get interesting is where AMG get involved and in creating the E63 AMG, Mercedes are widely seen to have the best performance car of it’s kind on the market. Available as both an estate and a saloon the E63 brings together sophisticated looks with ample amounts of space and comfort but with an almighty AMG V8 engine transforming the car into a true weapon on the road. If the standard power of the E63 isn’t enough there is a performance package or more recently the E63 S variant which currently sits at the top of the range. A 4-wheel drive version exists only in left-hand-drive but the rear-wheel drive layout ensures there is plenty of fun to be had driving around the UK.