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Ferrari 458

Ferrari 458 For Sale

Year: 2015 (15)
Colour: Blu Tour De France with Nera Alcantara
Mileage: 2,571 miles
Blu Tour De France with Nera Alcantara
2015 (15) 2,571 miles £399,950
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Year: 2015 (15)
Colour: Rosso Corsa with Nero Leather
Mileage: 2,316 miles
Rosso Corsa with Nero Leather
2015 (15) 2,316 miles Under Offer
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Previously Sold Ferrari 458

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Model Overview

The arrival of the 458 Italia has been widely praised as a landmark in Ferrari’s long history as one of the best all-round supercars Ferrari have ever produced. Replacing the F430 before it, the 458 Italia went for sale in the UK market in 2010 and followed on the traditional V8 mid-engined rear-wheel drive layout of it’s predecessors which also include the 360 Modena and the much heralded F355. This range of models is often seen as the ‘Junior Ferraris’ when compared with the larger V12 cars.

With the Ferrari California adding a new dimension to Ferrari’s range it allowed the 458 Italia to enter higher territory and in doing so Ferrari created a car that completely outgunned the 599GTB which at the time was the flagship mainstream V12 model. Using technology used in Formula 1 the 458 features vastly improved aerodynamics without making any sacrifices stylistically, in fact the 458 is acknowledged as the best looking Ferrari in recent memory.

The 458 Italia manages to be both thrilling to drive and also incredibly accessible. It handles brilliantly with superb levels of grip and is ferociously quick. The naturally aspirated engine not only sounds unbelievably good but also creates a very impressive 562bhp. Combining the F1 Dual Clutch transmission adapted from the California widely seen as the most advanced gearbox in production the 458 actually became the first mainstream Ferrari to be unavailable with a manual gearbox.

The futuristic cabin is very driver focused with a huge range of bespoke trim and detailing adding to the sense of occasion and individuality. Ceramic brakes come as standard as does a 4 year manufacturer warranty while a 7-year service plan was introduced in 2011 making the 458 one of the most desirable supercars for sale today and a deserved place in Ferrari history.

The 458 Spider went on sale in 2012 featuring a retractable hard-top aluminium roof and has received universal acclaim for it’s clever design losing none of the appeal of the coupe and for many of Romans customers is the more desirable car to own.