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With the recent arrival of the Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series to the Romans showroom we thought there was no better time to have a deeper look into exactly why the Black Series range is so special and why they are a cut above the rest when it comes to hardcore performance machines.

For anyone that doesn’t know what Black Series actually is, it is a series of 2-door coupes from Mercedes that have received extra upgrades from the specialist division AMG Performance Studio in Affalterbach which turns regular AMG models into the Black Series. The general formula for the Black Series is to provide ultimate performance for the track through weight reduction, engine tweaks and styling enhacements whilst making the cars equally adept on the road. So far there have been just 4 models which have received the Black Series treatment all produced in limited numbers making the car very exclusive and extremely hard to find.

The first model from the AMG Performance Studio was the SLK55 AMG Black Series released back in 2006 which set the benchmark with a 40bhp power increase over the regular car and though the SLK-Class is renowned for making roadsters, the SLK Black came with a fixed-head carbon fibre roof helping with weight reduction and lowering the centre of gravity. The driving experience was like nothing Mercedes had built before at the time, the sharpness and responsiveness of the car was sensational, but the car was criticised for its gearbox and it’s slightly unsettling ride on the track. Despite this the car remains as rare and unobtainable as when it first came out and the chances of finding one are next to nothing.

Next up for the Black Series treatment was the CLK63 AMG Black Series which followed the precedent of the previous car being stripped out and track-focused with a truly sublime engine offering unbelievable performance. This car was used as the safety car for Formula 1 which is no mean feat to able to keep in front of the likes of Schumacher at the time! It was praised for it’s superb handling, its menacing looks and for being one the most fun and charismatic cars to drive. It remains a very rare car that is a fantastic addition to any car collection.

The SL65 AMG Black Series was the next offering back in 2008 again adopting the fixed-head carbon fibre roof despite the SL name and it literally blew away the competition through sheer performance. With a top speed of 200mph and mind-blowing acceleration it is still today the most powerful road car Mercedes have ever built. With a huge £250,000 price-tag and only 8 right hand drive models any owner of one of these is in an extremely exclusive club.

So onto the latest and perhaps most exciting addition to the Black Series label is the C63 AMG. The standard car is a car that every petrolhead loves and is one that was literally begging for a Black Series revamp and the masses have waited and waited as AMG focused all their attentions on the SLS between 2008 and 2010 but it has now arrived and does not disappoint. Stunning visually with the trademark wider wheel arches, air vents, twin exhausts and huge carbon fibre spoiler make this a real eyeful which is sure to set pulses racing and that’s before you even get in it! The most powerful C-Class Mercedes ever made is an intensely fast car which it’s true capabilites become apparent on the track but being the first 4 seater black series it is also practical and accomplished on the roads of the UK where there is said to be only 60 models available which have all been sold. So as with all other Black series they are going to be incredibly difficult to find and own and Romans are privileged to have one of the very finest examples available right now so please contact us for more information.

Oh and by the way, next up for Black Series make-over is the SLS.

Find out more information on the official AMG C63 Black series website

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