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Model Overview

The Porsche 911 Turbo although very much a 911 at heart offers a much different proposition to the 911 Carreras. The first 911 turbos for sale hark back to the 1970s where Porsche identified the need to create what were seen then as racing 911s and produce them for the road. Using turbocharged engines for the first time Porsche inspired other manufacturers to start doing the same and this was just one of many groundbreaking new technologies which Porsche reached with the 911 Turbo.

Often distinguished by its rear spoiler the 911 Turbo throughout it's lifespan has been a fine display of Porsche engineering extracting astonishing levels of performance from the 911 without compromising the drivability.

It has evolved greatly from the days of the air cooled rear wheel drive 964 series to nowadays with the 997 and the latest 991 series where every 911 Turbo for sale comes with 4 wheel drive and staggering levels of grip and technology. The top of the range Turbo S offers increased power and with plenty of nice features like carbon ceramic brakes we believe the S is the one to have.

With the 991 series, Porsche continues to push the 911 Turbo into being one if the most efficient high performance cars for sale. Porsche have now altogether ditched the traditional manual gear lever for the dual clutch PDK paddle shift transmission which has become the overwhelming choice amongst all 911 buyers.

Overall the 911 Turbo is one of the best and easiest ways to get around quickly and whether it's the 997 or 991 series, S version or non-S, coupe or cabriolet it's a car we will always recommend highly to our customers.