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Model Overview

The 458 Speciale is Ferrari’s lightweight, high-performance version of their beloved 458 Italia – which follows Ferrari’s format of creating a more hardcore variant of their ‘junior’ models, such as the 430 Scuderia and 360 Challenge Stradale. Sporting the same 4.5-Litre V8 engine as the Italia, the Speciale produces just under 600bhp and a 0-62 time of just 3 seconds. It also features some relatively subtle, yet striking cosmetic changes which also help improve performance, with a larger and more aggressive front grille, vented bonnet, finned side sills and active aerodynamic flaps at the front and rear of the car, which are designed to produce optimum downforce and reduce drag when required.

The result of these improvements is an incredibly capable and thrilling supercar, with stunning levels of grip and brutal acceleration, which, nearly ten years on, are not to be overlooked among more recent Ferrari models. The high-revving, naturally aspirated V8 found in the Speciale is the last of its kind for Ferrari, with a turbocharged block taking its place in the likes of the 488 GTB and F8 Tributo, and while the new engine is necessary to meet emissions standards, many Ferrari fans feel that the Speciale’s engine is the holy grail of V8s, with unparalleled character and sound.