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Arguably the creator of the world’s first hypercar, Bugatti has gone from strength to strength in their mission to produce the world’s fastest cars. 

Throughout its rich history, Bugatti has been in the pursuit of speed, winning several Grand Prix in the 1920’s and 1930’s, even winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice. One of the most iconic models produced by the company was the Bugatti Type 35, which dominated racing circuits in the 1920s and is still considered one of the most successful racing cars of all time. The Type 35 has been the grandfather of all modern Bugattis, with its iconic horseshoe grill being firmly planted at the front of every Bugatti since. 

After being acquired by Italian entrepreneur Romano Artioli in 1987, the Bugatti name was taken to new heights with the introduction of the EB110 – a car once owned by Michael Schumacher. In 1998, the brand was again sold, this time to Volkswagen Group, and this is where Bugatti soon became a household name with the introduction of perhaps the most iconic and distinguished car of all time – the Veyron. 

16 cylinders. 1000bhp. A top speed of over 250mph. The Veyron redefined what it meant to go fast, and it quickly swooped up world records for each new variant introduced. Designing a successor to the Veyron is no easy feat, but in 2016, the Chiron was unveiled, and it was clear from the start that this was a worthy rival to the Veyron. The W16 engine produces a mind boggling 1500bhp, taking the car from 0-400kmh back to 0 in a record-breaking 42 seconds. A modified Chiron would soon go on to break the 300mph barrier, the first production car to do so. 

To own a Bugatti is to own a piece of automotive history. The ultimate driving machine that strives to do what no other car is capable of. The ultimate blend of speed, luxury, precision engineering, a design to match, Bugatti is the pinnacle of performance cars and must be experienced to be believed.