Romans International at The Elite London Show

  •  Romans International at The Elite London Show

We at Romans International were very proud to attend and exhibit some of our best stock at the Elite London show for the first time last weekend and we would like to report that it was a great success. Along with showcasing the cars, we also offered an exclusive invitation to our highly valued customers to come down and enjoy a day out in the sunshine with Supercars, Helicopters and Private Jets.

What is the Elite Show?

Now in its second year, The Elite London show is the UK’s most exclusive jet-set lifestyle event showcasing the very finest jets, helicopters along with the best luxury brands, supercars, powerboats and yatchs all in one location. The event took place at Rizon Jet, London Biggin Hill Airport from Friday the 8th – 9th of May, where guests could enjoy the ultimate luxury lifestyle experience starting from a champagne reception followed by fine-dining luncheon making the event a perfect day out in lavish surroundings.

The cars we took

We had the pleasure of taking the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster 50th Anniversary that had just arrived in stock a few days prior to the show. Limited to just 100 examples worldwide and in Rosso Mars, we thought this would be the perfect show stopper to attract those jet setters looking for the ultimate rock star car on the road. With 720bhp, a top speed of 217mph and a stunning aerodynamic package; the 50th Anniversary roadster was definitely a crowd pleaser.

Other cars we took to the show included a Porsche 911 (991) GT3, Audi R8 LMX, Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione, BMW i8 and Rolls Royce Wraith. This was a lovely variety of cars that we hoped appealed to every type of customer at the show.

We also shared our stand with Fully Charged, a cutting edge e-bike retailer who specialise in the sales of electric light vehicles and are one of the UK’s leading distributor for the hugely popular foldable ‘Go Cycle’. They brought over a phenomenal selection of e-bikes and even an electric unicycle that definitely drew a lot of attention when customers were test riding them.

Highlights of the show

One of the main highlights of the show included the Spitfire display where the awe inspiring Merlin Engine was roaring above our heads at phenomenal speeds. It made us all reminisce to what it would have been like in the early 1940’s to see spitfires flying over people’s heads at over 300mph in the war. It was simply mesmerising and the sound was spine tingling.

Other highlights of the show included the private jets and helicopters exhibits. It was really mind boggling to see and be metres away jets worth over £70 million. They had everything from 4 seater propeller aircraft to full on 20 seater jets. It’s not every day people are allowed to step inside extremely valuable jets, but this was one of the many benefits of the Elite show as they made everything accessible to all guests. Another fantastic spectacle was clients arriving and taking off in their planes and helicopters. The noise at take-off was sensational and one we’ll never forget.

Further highlights included quirky displays from Chisel Pool who converted an original Mini into a pool table. This was quite a sight and thought was rather a great alternative to your normal pool table for those who want to impress their friends or family.