New Ferrari 488 Spider Revealed

  • New Ferrari 488 Spider Revealed

Ferrari have just revealed their brand new 488 Spider; an open top version of the stunning 488 GTB which was unveiled earlier this year. Set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, here is what to expect from the most powerful mid-engined convertible ever to come out of Maranello.

Powered by the same 660bhp 3.9L V8 twin-turbo charged engine found in the 488 GTB coupe, 0 to 62mph is dealt within 3 seconds via a seven speed F1 double clutch gearbox and will reach a top speed of 203 mph roof up or down. This stunning pace is partly thanks to the 488 Spider being the most aerodynamically efficient convertible the brand has ever built. For example the car features large flying buttresses which sends airflow to the engine cover and into the air intakes, an active front bumper, adjustable rear diffuser and a rear spoiler that channels airflow over a gap on the rear lip which is taken from the GTB coupe.

Just like the 458 Spider, the 488 uses a similar two piece retractable hard-top which can be stowed away in 14 seconds under the new flying buttresses. Impressively the 488 Spider’s roof is 10kg lighter than the 458 Spider’s roof and 25kg lighter than the fabric roof used on the F430 Spider which highlights Ferrari’s impressive rate of progress. Overall, along with the added chassis strengthening to make the spider more rigid the car is only 50kg heavier than the coupe and Ferrari claim that it has the same torsional rigidity. This is thanks to the use of 11 different aluminium alloys such as magnesium.

Ferrari have also fitted an adjustable rear electric glass wind stopper which can be lowered to three different positions even with the roof up so the driver can hear that stunning V8 engine even more. They have also tuned the suspension so that it’s more comfortable than the GTB as Ferrari believe the Spider will be driven more on public roads than race tracks.

Set to rival the brilliant McLaren 650S Spider, it will be fascinating to see who comes out on top as the 488 Spider has very similar performance statistics to the Woking based car. For example they accelerate from 0 to 62mph in exactly 3.0 seconds, the McLaren reaches a top speed of 204mph compared to the 488’s 203mph, they are both twin turbo charged, but the Ferrari has 20bhp and 60lb ft more torque. We assume it will come down to personal preferences and how these cars make you feel behind the wheel. Prices for the 488 Spider will be revealed closer to the car’s debut at the Frankfurt motor show.