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Model Overview

Mercedes first introduced the C-Class in 1993 and it remained the entry level model until the A-Class arrived in 1997. AMG got involved with the C-Class in 2001 with the C32 AMG and later the C55 AMG but it was the next generation where the hugely popular C63 AMG made it’s first appearance in 2008 and has set the benchmark for all compact performance saloons.

It was said to be the first Mercedes that was designed by AMG from the ground up for it’s performance helped by it’s 6.2L V8 monster of an engine and was the quickest 4-door production saloon ever upon it’s initial release. An estate version followed soon after before Mercedes decided to increase the power further with the ‘Performance Package Plus’. There was a facelift in 2011 where a whole host of new technology was made available including the new AMG Speedshift transmission. One of the most popular variants is the C63 AMG Coupe making the car sportier and more refined looking with truly stonking performance.

For the more extreme enthusiast there is the C63 Black Series, a limited edition coupe available with either 2 or 4 seats with an emphasis on being more track focused with aggressive styling and even more power. The C63 is generally regarded as one of the best all round performance cars commonly described as a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ due to it’s subtle looks and it’s mighty V8 hidden under the bonnet. We regularly stock C63s at Romans and is one of our best selling cars.