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Model Overview

Sitting in between the 570S and 720S, the McLaren GT offers a practical alternative to both, with little compromise on performance. Both the interior and exterior styling of the McLaren GT have been tailored to adapt to the grand tourer lifestyle. Longer journeys are able to be completed with greater comfort for the driver and passenger with more cabin space and leather finishing. Contributing to the extra space inside is the 140mm increase over the 720S in length which also contributes to the aerodynamic grand tourer silhouette.

Although the dimensions have increased in comparison to McLaren’s Sports Series cars, its performance is still similar. Utilising a variation of the MonoCell II tub from the likes of the 570S and the slightly de-tuned 4.0L twin-turbo V8 from the 720S, it certainly isn’t compromised on performance. The figures back this. 0-62mph is dealt with in a mere 3.2 seconds and the GT surges to a top speed of 204 mph - few other grand tourers on the market can keep up. Despite being de-tuned, most of the torque has been programmed to be delivered lower in the rev range so that power is ready on tap when cruising at low revs and high gears. McLaren have essentially turned a successful supercar recipe and converted it into a niche of its own, with the added ability of the grand touring aspect.

The grand touring characteristic is not only typified by the extended body dimensions, the McLaren GT offers 570 litres of luggage space – 150 in the front and 420 above the engine. The refinement and comfort that McLaren have engineered into the GT can really be engaged with when behind the wheel. The steering feel and actual driving experience is pin-point – a typical trait of a well built supercar but with the added satisfaction of long distance comfort.