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Model Overview

The Range Rover Sport SVR takes the luxury and comfort that the brand is renowned for, and introduces the supercharged 5-Litre V8 engine from the Jaguar F-Type, providing a staggering 575bhp and a supercar-rivalling 4.3 second 0-62 time. The SVR’s Sport Suspension, along with Dynamic Response results in handling that is unmatched by any other car in its class, and an ability to take corners faster and flatter than any other SUV.

The latest variation of the Sport SVR was revealed in 2017, as a facelifted version with a refreshed look to both the exterior interior, and updated technology throughout. The muscular stance of the SVR is accentuated even further in the facelifted model, complimented by an optional carbon fibre bonnet with aggressive air vents, a new wheel design and other carbon elements scattered around the car.

On the inside, new lightweight SVR Performance seats make an instant statement, with the SVR logo embossed in the headrests. These seats are an important upgrade from the pre-facelift model as not only do they provide a more comfortable ride, but also contribute to the overall weight-saving of the car, ultimately adding up to better handling and centre of gravity in comparison with the regular Range Rover Sport. Other interior updates include a sportier steering wheel, optional carbon fibre interior accents and aluminium sports pedals.

Overall, the Sport SVR well and truly contends with some of the best performance SUVs on the market. Boasting signature Range Rover comfort and luxury while providing blistering performance at a reasonable price among its competitors, the SVR should be on the list of anyone in the sport SUV market.