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Model Overview

Ford first launched the Mk1 Focus RS model in 2002 as a model line that boasted high performance above the standard line of Focus models. From the beginning the RS models have had a much more aggressive appearance, with 70% uprated and unique parts which separated it as the top tier performance Focus, Ford had to offer.

Following on from the success and popularity of the 2002 model Focus RS, Ford introduced its next instalment in 2009. This used the same 2.5-litre turbo-charged engine that powered the ST model, the T5 from Volvo, however it was a modified version which ultimately provided more power and torque. Some main engine differences included the engine block, pistons, connecting rods and camshafts.

The most recent version of the Focus RS is the Mk3 RS which features the 2.3-litre Ecoboost engine from one of the Ford Mustang variants. The Focus RS harnesses a twin-scroll turbo setup with uprated compressor and different mapping to allow for even more power. This coupled with Ford’s four-wheel drive system allows for a 0-62 mph time in 4.7 seconds.