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Model Overview

In 2016 Ferrari launched the GTC4Lusso as the successor to the Ferrari FF, providing customers with a new generation of Ferrari 4 seaters, brimming with new technology. Along with the interior technology upgrades in the GTC4Lusso, Ferrari has adopted a sportier design with a race car style rear diffuser which drastically increases road presence. The GTC4Lusso carries the same 6.3L naturally aspirated V12 from the FF with a higher compression ratio which increases power output. Power has been increased to 680hp with 697Nm of torque. Like the Ferrari FF the GTC4Lusso uses a 4-wheel drive system combined with rear wheel steering.

In 2017 Ferrari went on to release a rear-wheel drive variant, the GTC4Lusso ‘T’. Although just being rear-wheel drive the GTC4Lusso T retains the same 4-wheel steering technology. Differences also include a reduced engine displacement to a 3.9L Twin-Turbo V8 engine, hence the T, with a lower power output of 601hp but an increased torque figure of 760Nm.

The extremely unique design of the GTC4Lusso is down to its streamlined and tapering shape, reinterpreting the shooting-brake body style. Making nods to a fastback silhouette, however with this design rear seat and boot space has not been compromised, allowing the GTC4Lusso to deliver supercar performance combined with everyday practicality.