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Model Overview

The 296 GTB introduces an all-new 3.0L, twin-turbo V6 Hybrid engine that has never before been featured in a Ferrari and represents a new direction for the mid-engined Ferraris that will no longer be powered by a V8 engine. The combination of the combustion engine and electric motors produces a massive 819bhp, of which 654 comes from the new V6.

The design has been overhauled, with a smoother and more refined shape and a slight retro feel to the exterior. The new, larger side scoops, refreshed headlights and newly designed front grille all contain elements of classic Ferraris, and bring a cleaner, more simplistic look to the exterior of this car when compared with its predecessors.

The interior of the 296 follows in the footsteps of the SF90 Stradale and Roma, bringing Ferrari’s mid-engine format up to date with a more modern and technologically advanced cabin. The steering wheel now features primarily touch-controls, with the race mannetino being one of the only physical controls on the wheel. The interior also now features the SF90’s full digital display, which can show various technical information as well as navigation, media and more. The cockpit of the 296 is incredibly driver-focused, with all of the interior controls seemingly wrapping around the driver, providing a sleeker and more compact feel.

Overall, the 296 represents a daring venture for Ferrari, and features a lot of firsts for their “junior” cars. Ferrari have managed to incorporate these features excellently, managing to maintain an unmistakeably Ferrari feel while bringing hybrid technology and modern advancements to an exciting and capable supercar.