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Model Overview

The Bugatti veyron is described by many as quite simply the greatest car ever made and perhaps ever will be. In terms of technological achievements nothing can come close. designed and developed by the Volkswagen Group which owns the French based bugatti marque each car cost them in the region of 5million to produce. With a retail price around £1m this tells its own story in that the Veyron had one sole purpose to show the world what is capable when money is no object and you get the worlds best designers and engineers to create the ultimate supercar.

The original car after several years in the making was launched in 2005 with first ones for sale in the UK in 2006. The 8.0L W16 quad-turbo charged engine, essentially 2 4.0 V8s next to each other was powered by a dual clutch 7 speed paddle shift transmission with 4-wheel drive.

There is believed to be 450 Veyrons in total, with 300 coupes and 150 convertibles but it is the Veyron Supersport which has captured the headlines in recent years and is still today the fastest car in the world reaching a mind blowing speed of 267mph thanks to an incredible 1001bhp. The drop-top version and most recent addition to the Veyron line up is the grand sport Vitessse which also hold the record for the worlds fastest convertible. There have been many one-off editions but these are all part of the 450 production number.

The Veyron has been universally praised for the ease at which you can drive it with great handling, a wonderfully refined cabin and of course its frightening acceleration. Despite there being an initial fall in depreciation since it's release, it is generally seen as a truly iconic Supercar which has claimed a huge part of automotive history in its short lifespan and will no doubt go on to be one of the most valuable classic cars of the future.