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Model Overview

New Rolls Royce's don't come along very often and especially drop top versions, so the arrival of the Rolls Royce Dawn was particularly special. Some have described the new Dawn as the most beautiful car that Rolls Royce has ever made and we tend to agree. The car's bodywork is 70% new in comparison to the Wraith on which it is based on and the only exterior parts carried over from the Wraith include the doors and grille surround. Rolls Royce says the Dawn will be quiet as the Wraith with the roof up and will in fact be the quietest convertible on the market. Rolls Royce says it's quieter even than the Phantom Drophead. It opens in 20 seconds, at vehicle speeds of up to 31 mph in as near to silence as Rolls Royce can manage.

Beneath the hood lies a 6.6 litre V12 twin-turbo engine, offering seemingly infinite reserves of power and exhilarating torque. With such a purposeful presence, the Dawn dares you to discover the unexpected with the promise of a truly effortless drive.

The interior has a clear focus on pampering: the seats are extremely comfortable and upholstered in the finest leather front and rear as you sink into their hide-bound grasp and never want for support. Goodwood calls the Dawn 'the world's only true modern four-seater super-luxury drophead' and we wouldn't disagree. There is plenty of space at the front and rear and it's incredibly quiet with the roof up. Drop the six-layer roof and the Dawn gives a driving experience like no other as it's very effortless and comfortable. There are some seriously beautiful Art Deco detailing and switchgear and as expected the interior can be personalised just so. Overall, the Dawn is a truly wonderful car that must be one of the best four seat luxury cars you can get.