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Model Overview

Initially unveiled to the horror of hardcore Porsche 911 fans in 2009 the Panamera has now really cemented it’s place in Porsche’s expansive line up and is widely acknowledged as one of the best performance saloons for sale. Porsche first ventured into the luxury saloon market thanks in part to the huge success they achieved having forayed into the 4x4 market with the Cayenne. The Panamera name was adapted from the famous Carrera Panamericana race which had already bore much influence over Porsche model names with the 911 Carrera.

It’s shape has tried in some ways to reflect an extra large 911 though the main difference being it’s more traditional front mounted engine and it’s 5 door layout. Although the looks were initially criticised by many experts the feeling now is that it has matured into a sophisticated luxurious saloon that both it’s owners and onlookers appreciate and in doing so has become another big success for Porsche.
Porsche’s aim was to rival the likes of the Mercedes-Benz saloons with smooth ride quality and high levels of technology whilst trying to appease the Porsche performance enthusiasts. Porsche now has so many variants of the Panamera that it manages to appeal to such a wide variety of customers whether it’s performance, luxury or efficiency as your main priority.

The first Panamera models for sale were the petrol powered V8 engined S, 4S and the Turbo, the engine adapted from what is now the first generation Cayenne. A manual gearbox was standard although most went for the PDK dual clutch option until 2013 when the manual gearbox was discontinued altogether. A 3.6L V6 was added as the entry level Panamera and Panamera 4 in 2010 before it unveiled a diesel engine in 2011 which became the best selling model. The Panamera Turbo S arrived for sale as the most powerful Porsche for sale other than the track focused GT2 RS. Though it is especially rare the Turbo S features 50bhp more than the Turbo and is definitely the one to have for chief bragging rights. For the more efficient friendly buyer there is a hybrid version while the most driver focused variant is perhaps the GTS version which manages to get similar performance to the Panamera Turbo without the turbo.

Whichever version it is that you like you can be sure that Porsche’s incredibly high standards when it comes to engineering are prominent throughout each model and we are always happy to stock some of the best examples of Porsche Panamera for sale on the market.