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Model Overview

Since creating quite a stir since the prototype was first revealed at the Paris Motor Show back in 2000, the Porsche Carrera GT is an attack on the senses, with its Le Mans race car-derived 5.7L V10 engine offering one of the greatest soundtracks of any car ever produced. The car was so loud in fact, that the race engine had to be modified to meet road car noise regulations. Instantly recognisable from a mile down the road, this iconic V10 scream has cemented itself in automotive history as one of the greatest modern classic sports cars.

When production started in 2003, the Carrera GT pushed technological boundaries unlike any other car of its era. Porsche pioneered the use of a carbon fibre monocoque and subframe, like those found in Formula One race cars. The Carrera GT also had an electronically operated rear wing, which automatically deployed at high speeds to reduce lift and increase the top speed. Filled with ground-breaking engineering and technology, this car can still hold its own against modern supercars, despite being over 20 years old.

Despite the raw driving experience and racing-inspired engineering, the Carrera GT is still exactly that, a GT car. With an interior adorned in soft leather, a Bose sound system, and navigation – all fitted as standard – Porsche remained adamant on creating a usable car that can be driven on the road over longer distances if the owner so wished. The racing heritage carries on once you are inside too, with the ignition located to the left of the steering wheel, a homage to the Le Mans race cars that had the ignition on this side to allow the drivers to quickly start the car with their left hand and get into gear with their right hand when jumping in the car after a Le Mans style running start.

Adding a Porsche Carrera GT is a right of passage for any serious car enthusiast and collector, and whilst it takes patience and skill to tame, it is one of the most rewarding and visceral drives you can experience.