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Model Overview

Having only ever produced one car during its existence – the Zonda – Pagani had big boots to fill with its successor, the Huayra. Voted ‘Hypercar of the Year’ in 2012 by Top Gear, it’s safe to say Pagani achieved what they were after and more importantly, what their customers wanted for the Zonda replacement. A Mercedes-built 6-Litre, twin-turbocharged V12 drives the rear wheels and produces 730bhp, propelling the car from 0-62mph in an eye-watering 2.8 seconds.

Building upon the success of the “standard” Huayra, Pagani proceeded to create multiple special editions and variants including the BC, Roadster, Roadster BC, Huayra R and more. The Roadster, as the name suggests, is the convertible variant of the Huayra, which many believe to be the sweet spot of this car as the V12 can be fully enjoyed in true drop-top fashion. The BC introduces dramatic weight savings, aerodynamic improvements and power upgrades, creating a more track-focused and radical version of this Italian hypercar. The use of a material which Pagani calls ‘Carbon Triax’, along with a lighter gearbox and titanium exhaust results in the weight being reduced by 132kg. The Roadster BC is the convertible variant of the BC, which applies all the improvements that the BC received but allows for a thrilling open-air experience for the car’s occupants.

One of the most significant elements of the Huayra and its variants is the aero flaps found on the bonnet of the car. These serve to dramatically improve the car’s drag coefficient whether blasting down a straight or tackling a corner. Under hard braking, the flaps will act as an airbrake, taking inspiration from jet planes which utilise a similar technology.

On the inside you’ll find a beautifully crafted array of interior components, with the most striking of which being the exposed gearbox linkage, which is often described as a work of art. The fit and finish of every aspect of this interior has clearly been carefully considered and crafted to the highest standard. The key, which is aptly carved to the shape of a Huayra and sits perfectly in the centre console. With a vast spectrum of materials including carbon fibre, aluminium and fine leather, the premium feeling to the interior reaches new heights, not just for Pagani, but for the entire automotive market.