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Model Overview

Without a doubt one of Mercedes most famous model lines is the SL-Class which has a rich heritage expanding back to the 1950s when the iconic 300SL ‘Gullwing’ was first introduced.

Now one of the world’s most desirable classic cars the 300SL Gullwing can sell for over £3 million at auction and inspired the more recent SLS AMG which similarly featured the gullwing doors. The 300SL Roadster and the 190SL are also hugely desirable from the same era while other cult classics from the past include the 230SL Pagoda from the 1960s and the SL55 AMG from the 2000s.

The ‘SL’ stands for ‘Super Lightweight’ and though originally available as a coupe and roadster these days every SL comes with a hard-top retractable roof. Now in it’s 6th generation the latest SL currently comes in 4 different engine sizes in the UK with the SL350 being the best selling model, there is the more powerful SL500 while AMG help produce the 2 performance focused variants being the SL63 AMG and the very rare V12 powered SL65 AMG.

With the chassis now being made entirely of aluminium the latest generation of SL’s are more efficient than ever before and showcase the latest and best Mercedes technology such as the ‘Magic Sky Control’ which features different transparency settings for it’s sunroof. For us the SL63 AMG is the one to go for which combines stylish looks, a luxurious cabin and it’ powerful V8 twin-turbo engine. A special mention must go to the more extreme SL65 AMG Black Series, a limited edition fixed-head coupe variant, one of the rarest and most powerful cars Mercedes have ever built.