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Model Overview

The flagship model for Mercedes-Benz has traditionally for the last 50 years or so been the S-Class. The luxury saloon has long-been one of Mercedes best selling vehicles but it wasn’t until 1972 where the S-Class name was established. Since then Mercedes has used the S-Class as the showcase for all of it’s latest technology with the most recent generation of S-Class being unveiled in 2013.

The new S-Class as with former generations comes with various engine sizes and in both petrol and diesel formats but it is now more expansive than ever before. The new S-Class has been given the task of replacing both the CL-Class who’s void is filled by the new S-Class coupe but also replacing the now defunct Maybach branch that Mercedes had created especially for the ultra luxury extra long wheelbase versions. Now known as the S-Class Pullman this uber expensive model is aimed for those that like to be chauffeured in limousine style luxury and comfort.

Long-time stalwarts throughout the last few generations of S-Class remain the same though with the S350 being the best selling model while supreme performance is reserved for the AMG variants. The S63 AMG has been a popular model for those that while happy to be chauffeured at times also like to take to the wheel and unleash the power and performance that the AMG V8 engine provides. There is also the V12 powered S65 AMG which sits at the top of the S-Class range with simply astonishing performance figures for what is essentially a car is designed to favour style and luxury over performance.

The S-Class is one of the best known models in Mercedes history and is critically acclaimed and lauded as one of the all-time great luxury cars whenever a new model is released helping cement Mercedes-Benz reputation as one of the world’s greatest brands.