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Model Overview

The CL is best known as the luxury coupe version of the Mercedes S-class. The CL name was first assigned to it in 1996 with the V8 powered CL500 and the V12 powered CL600. AMG first got involved with the CL in it’s next generation with the CL55 AMG in 2000 and the CL63 AMG a year later which was limited to just 26 examples. Originally Mercedes didn’t offer these cars themselves, they had to be bought directly from AMG.

These days the CL is in it’s 3rd generation and offers 4 different models, the CL500, CL600, CL63 while the top of the range is the super rare CL65. All models are based on a 2+2 seating arrangement offering fantastic levels of refinement and luxury packed with the latest Mercedes technology. Though the CL-class characteristics are perhaps best suited to being a relaxing grand tourer which comfortably seats 4 adults it’s the AMG versions which truly excite and turn it into a bonafide performance car. The CL63 with it’s V8 engine is the more popular model which combines bold looks with serious amounts of power which increases further with the AMG performance package bringing it’s top speed to 186mph.

For the more extravagant buyer the CL65 really is the cream of the crop, though it may seem unnecessary to most perhaps even ridiculous why settle for a V8 when you can have a V12. The CL65 is a technological marvel bringing simply unbelievable performance for what is essentially quite a heavy car matching the likes of the much smaller and lighter 911 Turbo. We love AMGs here at Romans and the CL-class is right up there with the best of them and sadly production on the CL-class has now ended with the S-Class Coupe taking over where it left off.