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Model Overview

If the AMG GT wasn’t quite enough, in 2016 Mercedes unleashed the AMG GT R. Nicknamed the “Beast of the Green Hell”, it features some dramatic upgrades from the standard car including increased power to 577bhp, as well as a large rear wing and rear axle steering, which was brand new to Mercedes at the time. 0-62mph is tackled in 3.6 seconds, with top speed sitting at an increased 198mph over the standard AMG GT.

Aesthetically, the GT R saw the introduction of larger air ducts in the front, the aforementioned rear wing, a larger rear diffuser and some subtle design changes to the interior. The cabin is pretty much business as usual, however anyone with a keen eye will notice a newly added dial just above the climate controls. This allows the driver to increase or decrease the level of traction control when driving to ensure that whether on track or road, the car is set up perfectly depending on conditions and driver experience.

The GT R features 4-litre V8 that produces what is considered one of the best engine sounds on the market. Even at idle, the GT R sounds like it just wants to go, with the sound of pure German muscle emanating from the triple-exit exhaust. Furthermore, in 2019 Mercedes unveiled the AMG GT R Pro which applies even more track-focused elements to the already hardcore GT R. While the engine and performance stats remain unchanged, upgrades to the Pro include a manually adjustable coil-over suspension setup, carbon roof and carbon ceramic brakes as standard (both optional on the GT R). On the interior, new carbon bucket seats were also introduced, contributing to overall weight savings. Cosmetic changes were made to the exterior, with the most apparent being the new active front splitter and canards which help to improve downforce.

Built to compete with the likes of the Ferrari 458 Speciale and McLaren 675LT, but sitting at a much lower price point, the GT R and GTR Pro are both fantastic value for money and an incredibly capable, brutal cars. Striking looks and newly added aero perfectly compliment the upgraded performance of the GT R, and certainly let the driver, passenger and onlookers know that this is an AMG that can’t be overlooked.