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Model Overview

A name which translates to ‘four doors’, the Quattroporte has long been the flagship saloon for Maserati having first taken to the roads in 1963 but it was since Ferrari’s takeover of Maserati in 1999 where the Quattroporte had improved into being a serious contender to the likes of the Mercedes S-Class.

In 2013 the Quattroporte entered it’s 6th generation and is currently available in the UK with two variants, the 3.0L V6 ‘S’ and the 3.8L V8 ‘GTS’ both coming with the 8-speed ZF automatic transmsission. With Maserati expanding it’s line up with the arrival of the slightly smaller Ghibli, the Quattroporte has moved up a level in terms of luxury and comfort but importantly not forgetting it still considers itself very much a sports saloon.

With the increased wheelbase meaning it’s hugely spacious, the latest Quattroporte might well be considered a leading choice for those that like to be chauffeur driven in style but we believe the Quattroporte is still best appreciated from behind the wheel. While the latest Quattroporte will be of interest to many buyers, the previous generation is still a great car which should always be considered when making a purchase.

A 4.2L Ferrari derived V8 engine was found in the standard Quattroporte while a 4.7L V8 engine adapted from the GranTurismo was introduced on the Quattroporte S and GT S for the 2009 model refresh while a 6-speed ZF automatic transmission is found on all cars built after 2007. The Quattroporte GT S was generally regarded as the model to have and one of the very best sports saloons on the market. It possessed one of the best sounding engines ever to grace the roads and truly captures everything a Maserati should be about with superb handling and elegant styling.

Though the Quattroporte remains a rare car in short supply, Romans will always strongly consider buying and selling the best examples on the market.