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Model Overview

The Maserati MC12 is often considered one of the legendary cars of the early 2000’s, representing a special era of super cars that hold their own against the more technically advanced cars of the modern era. Built as a homologation car to allow the MC12 racing car compete in the FIA GT Championship, only 25 models were originally produced – the minimum requirement. When the FIA regulations changed, a further 25 were produced to allow Maserati to remain in the championship, meaning only 50 road-going MC12’s were ever constructed. Rarer than both the Ferrari Enzo and McLaren F1, the MC12 is a true unicorn of the automotive world.

The MC12 is built upon the chassis of the Ferrari Enzo, using a modified Ferrari V12 engine making 621hp and taking the car up to 205mph. However, despite being based on the Enzo, the MC12 is longer, wider, taller, and more aerodynamic than its Ferrari counterpart. From the exterior, the only visible component the two cars share is the windscreen, the rest of the carbon fibre bodywork has been completely redesigned in the wind tunnel giving the MC12 extraordinary levels of downforce, a lower drag coefficient and a decidedly imposing road presence.

Each of the 50 examples of the MC12 were offered in the iconic Bianco Fuji colour scheme with blue leather interior, and are all equipped with a detachable hardtop roof, allowing you to enjoy the visceral V12 experience. Few cars turn heads like the Maserati MC12, and compared to other cars with similar racing pedigree and exclusive production numbers, it makes for an incredible investment and a great addition to your car collection.